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Dissertationen und Habilitationen

Hier sehen Sie eine kurze Übersicht über die derzeitig laufenden sowie die kürzlich abgeschlossenen Dissertationen und Habilitationen am Englischen Seminar:


Gegenwärtig promovieren am Englischen Seminar mehr als 50 Doktorandinnen und Doktoranden in den Disziplinen

  • englische Sprachwissenschaft,
  • englische Sprachgeschichte,
  • englische, amerikanische und postkoloniale Literatur- und Kulturwissenschaft.


Das Englische Seminar rangiert somit nicht nur im Bereich der Qualität der Ausbildung des wissenschaftlichen Nachwuchses in der deutschen Spitzengruppe, sondern auch im Hinblick auf die Quantität. Mehr als die Hälfte aller Doktorand*innen werden durch das Seminar finanziell unterstützt (meist durch die vergütete Mitarbeit an den Lehrstühlen und an Forschungsprojekten) oder werden über Stipendien gefördert.

Doktorandinnen und Doktoranden am Englischen Seminar (Stand: September 2015)

LS Fludernik (Stand: 2019)

  • Finger, Sebastian (in Arbeit/unterbrochen) "Realism in Late Medieval and Early Modern British Drama."
  • Herlyn, Anne (in Arbeit/unterbrochen) "Dialogue and Narrative Structures in Middle English Verse Romances."
  • Keller, Nikola Franziska (in Arbeit) "Vom Fremden im Drama erzählen: Faktuale Binnenerzählungen in deutsch- und französischsprachigen Dramen des 18. Jahrhunderts." (Erstbetreuerin: Prof. Dr. Judith Frömmer, Freiburg)
  • Kleinschmidt, Sebastian (in Arbeit) "Memoria or Imaginatio? The Medieval English Tradition of Vision Literature in Light of Factual and Fictional Narration." (GRK 1767)
  • Luo, Xi (in Arbeit) "Theatricality of the Thrid: Ritual on the Contemporary Stage."
  • Munz, Melina (in Arbeit) "Otiose Leisure in Contemporary Indian Fiction in English." (SFB 1015)
  • Noor, Farha (in Arbeit) "Reading Leisure in  South Asia Through a Comparative Study of Bangla and Urdu Fiction with a Focus on Post-Independence Literature." (Erstbetreuer: Prof. Dr. Hans Harder, Universität Heidelberg; SFB 1015)
  • Riccardi, Silvia (in Arbeit) "Anatomy of Dark Romanticism. Enacting the Deviant in Literature and the Visual Arts." (Erstbetreuer: Prof. Dr. Jan Alber, RWTH Aachen)
  • Siverio, Francesca (in Arbeit) "Negotiating Temporalities. Performing the Cultural Present in Selected Works by Salman Rushdie, Jeet Thayll and Rana Dasgupta"
  • Waßmer, René (in Arbeit) "Muße in der Metropole. Flanerie in der deutschen Publizistik und Reiseliteratur um 1800." (Erstbetreuer Prof. Dr. Peter Philipp Riedl, Universität Freiburg; SFB 1015)
  • Wirth, Annika (in Arbeit) "Gulf War Captivity Narratives." (GRK 1767)


LS Korte (Stand: 2017)

  • Antoni, Jochen. Counter-Narratives of the Heroic in Animated Television Shows.

  • Bender, Stefanie. Future Fictions in the 21st Century: Ethics and Aesthetics.

  • Ewers, Isabell. The Sherlock Holmes Paradigm in Contemporary Crime Series.

  • Hardt, Maria-Xenia. Heroism in Doctor Who.

  • Leiendecker, Thorsten. Cultural Intermediaries: The Postmodern State of High/Pop Culture.

  • Sperlich (geb. Marquardt), Kristina. The Heroic in Contemporary Children's and Young Adult Fiction

  • Zipp, Georg. Ways of Articulating and Negotiating Poverty and Social Inequality in 20th- and 21st-Century Caribbean Fiction

LS Kortmann

  • Bai, Yinchun. Towards Discourse Markers: A Cross-linguistic Study of Grammatical Constructionalization

  • Bradley, Luke. Priming, token frequencies and memory in different morphological language types

  • Ilin, Natalia. Perception of Mistakes and Their Gravity in L1 and L2

  • Kinsey, Sonya. Linguistic markers of Canadian Aboriginal English

  • Lunkenheimer, Kerstin. Learner characteristics as common ground in New Englishes? Focus on Southeast Asia

  • Schröter, Verena. Zero Subjects, Topicalisation and Information Structure in Singapore English

Halford (LS Kortmann)

  • Scharf, Susanne. Representation of words in the bilingual mental lexicon

  • Özen, Seval. Multi-Word Verb Usage by Turkish Learners of English: A Corpus-Based Study

LS Hochbruck (Stand 2019)

  • King, Kati. African American Woman Writers and the WPA
  • Mayer-Bühler, Julia. Cultural Studies: The Process of Globalisation Mirrored by Contemporary South African and Namibian Fiction, Films and Music
  • Rémy-Kovach, Léna. Gothic and Reconciliation in North American Indigenous Literature
  • Rüskamp, Eva. Caught Between Conservation and Transformation: Locating Rural Spaces and their Communities in the Sustainable Transition (Case Study: Central and Southern Appalachia)
  • Sultany, Ajyal. Persuasion Strategies Used in Political Texts
  • Vedernikov, Sergey. The Rhetoric of Disaster

LS Lemke (Stand 2019)

  • BAMBEY, Morgan: The Witch: Its Representation and Function in the American Culture


  • LS Mair (Stand: Juli 2018)
  • Baumann, Udo. Determinants of Progressive Use in a Synchronic and Short-Term Diachronic Perspective: The Role of Frequency and Its Interplay with Other Factors

  • Cuthbertson, Laura. Lexical Concepts and Cognitive Models (LCCM): Theory, Temporal Conceptualization and Corpus-Based Methods 

  • Li Jingying. English Grammar in Second-Language-Acquisition: Corpus-Based and Comparative Studies of L1 Interference

  • Rudnicka, Karolina. The Statistics of Obsolescence: Case Studies from Late Modern English Grammar

  • Song Shuang. English Impact on Chinese Vocabulary, Style and Grammar: The Role of Computer-Mediated Communication 

  • Zámečnik, Jiří. Information Density, Language Processing and the Rational Speaker


  • Bismark, Christina. Analyticisation of Verbal Inflection? Patterns of Verbal -s Use in the Varieties of English as Compared to Subject–Verb Agreement Patterns in the Brittonic Languages

  • Meinking Guimaraes, Luciana. The Uses of Secular Rulers and Characters in the Welsh Saints' Lives in the Vespasian Legendary (MS. Cotton Vespasian A. xiv)

  • Schustereder, Stefan. Identity Construction in British Texts of the Early Middle Ages



  • ALDERS, Maximilian. Mind-Telling: Social Minds in Fiction and History. (Fludernik)

  • AYAFOR, Munang Isaiah. Official Bilingualism in Cameroon: An Empirical Evaluation of the Status of English in Official Domains. (Mair)

  • BAY, Katja. Im Spiegel der Zukunft: Wissensethik und ihre Verbreitung im populären Fernsehen am Beispiel von Star Trek: Voyager. (Korte)

  • BLUMENTHAL, Alice. Entrenchment in Usage-Based Theories: What Corpus Data Do and Do Not Reveal About the Mind. (Kortmann)

  • BOUR, Anthony. Description of Multiple Modality in Contemporary Scotland: Double and Triple Modals in the Scottish Borders. (Kortmann)

  • CHITEZ, Madalina. Lexico-Grammatical Profiles of Romanian Learner English: A Corpus-Based Study. (Mair)

  • CHURN, Natalie. It's Time: Social Justice and Concepts of Time in Australian Public and Popular Culture. (Korte)

  • DIACONU, Gabriela. Modality in New Englishes: A Corpus-Based Study of Obligation and Necessity. (Mair)

  • DEUBER, Dagmar. Nigerian Pidgin in Lagos: Language Contact, Variation and Change in an African Urban Setting. (Mair)

  • DUESTERBERG, Susanne. The Past in the Present: The Discourse of Archaeology in British Literature and Culture in the 19th and Early 20th Centuries. (Korte)

  • EHLERDING, Hannes. Changing Norms in English Language Teaching: The Present and Future of Foreign Language Education at German ‘Gymnasien’. (Kortmann)

  • EHRET, Katharina. Exploring Information-Theoretic Methodologies to Assess Linguistic Complexity in English. (Szmrecsanyi)

  • FEHRLE, Johannes. Western Revisions After 1960 in a Transnational Perspective. (Hochbruck)

  • FRANKIWICZ, Shane. The Western: A Diachronic Analysis of the all-American Genre (Lemke)

  • GÖB, Anne Kathrin. KriegsreporterInnen und das Militär: Eine Untersuchung britischer und US-amerikanischer Korrespondentenmemoiren aus dem Golfkrieg 1991 und dem Irakkrieg 2003. (Korte)

  • GUNDERMANN, Susanne. English-Medium Instruction: Modelling the Role of the Native Speaker. (Mair)

  • GÜNTHER, Ulrike. What's in a Laugh? A Study of Humour, Jokes and Laughter Based On the Spoken Component of the BNC. (Mair)

  • HADAMITZKY, Christiane. Competing Semantics and Modes of Presentation: The Negotiation of the Heroic in Victorian Family Magazines (Korte)

  • HAJIYAN, Mehdi. Cohesion in Iranian Learner English. (Mair)

  • HAMILTON, Theresa. Humorous Structures in Comic English Narratives, 1200–1600. (Fludernik)

  • HERMANN, Martin. A History of Fear: Britisch Apocalyptic Fiction, Film, and TV from the 1890s to Present. (Korte)

  • HERNANDEZ, Nuria. Pronouns in Dialects of English: A Corpus-Based Study of Non-Standard Phenomena. (Kortmann)

  • HINRICHS, Lars. Jamaican Creole on the Internet: Forms and Functions of an Oral Language in Computer-Mediated Communication. (Mair)

  • HÖHN, Nicole. Quotatives in the Jamaican Acrolect: Corpus-Based Variationist Studies of Vernacular Globalisation in World Englishes. (Mair)

  • HONKANEN, Mirka. Like My Homeboy Will Say, "THIS NA REALLY NAIJA”: African-American and Nigerian Resources in U.S.-Nigerians’ Digital Communication. (Mair)

  • HORCH, Stephanie. Conversion in Asian Englishes: AUusage-Based Account of the Emergence of New Local Norms. (Mair)

  • HORSTMANNSHOFF, Kai. In the Loop: Chronotopic Imagination in Chicago's Public Architecture, 1893–1973–2004. (Bieger)

  • HUNDT, Marianne. New Zealand English and Its Relation to British and American English. (Mair)

  • JANTOS, Susanne. Morphosyntax in Educated Jamaican English: A Comparison of Spoken and Written Usage in ICE-Jamaica. (Mair)

  • JORDAN, Rieke. The Marketable Self in Recent American Television Drama Series. (Bieger)

  • JUSKAN, Marten. Changing Stereotypes in Urban Northern England: The Sociolinguistic Dimension of Salience. (Kortmann)

  • KATTANEK, Sita Maria. Representations of Organ Transplants: Western Fantasies and Black Market Realities. (Korte)

  • KOSSMANN, Bianca. 'Rich' and 'Poor' in the History of English: Corpus-Based Analyses of Lexico-Semantic Variation and Change in Old and Middle English. (Mair)

  • LAVERSUCH, Iman M. The Discourse of Race: A Historical Analysis Based on Usage in the US: Census and Related Sources. (Mair)

  • LECHNER, Doris. Histories for the Many: The Victorian Family Magazine and Popular Representations of the Past. (Korte)

  • LEUNG, Glenda. A Synchronic Study of Monophthongs in Trinidadian English. (Mair)

  • LIEDKE, Heidi. The Experience of Precarious Idleness in Victorian Travelogues by Female and Male Writers. (Korte)

  • LORENZ, David. Semi-Modal Contractions in English: Emancipation Through Frequency. (Mair)

  • MAURER, Anne-Julie. Acquisition of Subphonetic Variation by German L2 Learners of English. (Halford)

  • MAZAHERY, Hamzeh. Iranian Learner English : A Corpus-Based Study of Phrasal Verb Usage. (Mair)

  • MOLL, Andrea. Jamaican Creole Goes Web: Sociolinguistic Styling and Authenticity in a Digital Yaa. (Mair)

  • MOLLIN, Sandra. The Institutionalization of Euro-English? Form and Function of an Emerging Non-Native Variety of English in Europe. (Mair)

  • NITZL, Irene. Pidgin im zeitgenössischen nigerianischen Drama. (Mair)

  • PERCILLIER, Michael. Accent Unites, Syntax Divides? Varying Degrees of Nativisation of English in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. (Mair)

  • PIRKER, Eva Ulrike. 429 and More: Recent Narrative Projections of a Black British History. (Korte)

  • RACZ, Péter. Salience in Sociolinguistics. (Kortmann)

  • ROLLER, Katja. On the Relation Between Frequency and Salience in Morphosyntax: The Case of Welsh English. (Kortmann)

  • ROSENFELDER, Ingrid. Jamaican English Pronunciation: An Accoustic Analysis of the Spoken Component of ICE-Jamaica. (Mair)

  • SAND, Andrea. Linguistic Variation in Jamaica: A Corpus-Based Study of Radio and Newspaper Usage. (Mair)

  • SANDERSON, Tamsin. Corpus, Culture, Discourse. (Mair)

  • von SCHILLING, Martin. Optimising Language Teaching in University Settings: An Empirical Evaluation of Two Didactic Approaches. (Mair)

  • SCHNEIDER, Agnes. Tense, Aspect and Modality in Ghanaian English: A Corpus-Based Study of the Progressive and the Modal Will. (Kortmann)

  • SCHRÖDER, Anne. Status, Functions, and Prospects of Pidgin English in Cameroon. (Mair)

  • SCHÜLY, Christoph. Charles Dickens: Popularisierungen eines populären Autors im 19., 20. und 21. Jahrhundert. (Korte)

  • SCHULZ, Monika. Modals in Varieties of English. (Kortmann)

  • SEDLATSCHEK, Andreas. Variation and Change in Contemporary Indian English: A Corpus-Based Description. (Mair)

  • SPITTEL, Christina. Based on a True Story: The Great War in Australian Novels, 1914–2008. (Korte)

  • TAKORS, Jonas. Henry VIII in Twenty-First Century Popular Culture. (Korte)

  • TERASSA, Laura. Frequency Effects in Structural Simplification: The Case of Asian Englishes. (Mair)

  • TRASCA, Luminita Irinel. Information Densification in Contemporary Romanian Written Styles: A Corpus-Based Study of Transfer, Frequency and Change. (Mair)

  • WAIBEL, Birgit. Phrasal Verbs in Learner English: A Corpus-Based Study of German and Italian Students. (Mair)

  • WINKLE, Claudia. World Englishes: Do They Use Non-Canonical Sentence Patterns? (Mair)

  • WHALEN, Tom. The Birth of Death and Other Comedies: The Novels of Russell H. Greenan. (Hochbruck)


Eine ansehnliche Zahl von Kolleginnen und Kollegen strebt nach der Promotion auch die Habilitation an, zumal für in Freiburger habilitierte Anglist*innen und Amerikanist*innen ausgezeichnete Chancen bestehen, auf eine Professur berufen zu werden. Hier eine Übersicht, die Professor*innen auflistet, die seit den 1990er Jahren in Freiburg habilitiert und auf auswärtige Professuren berufen wurden:
Lieselotte Anderwald (Uni Kiel)
Klaus Benesch (Uni München, LMU)
Michael Butter (Uni Tübingen)
Hilary Dannenberg (Uni Trier)
Dagmar Deuber (Uni Münster)
Bernd Engler (Uni Tübingen)
Roswitha Fischer (Uni Regensburg)
Ulrike Gut (Uni Münster)
Marianne Hundt (Uni Zürich)
Gerd Hurm (Uni Trier)
Manfred Krug (Uni Bamberg)
Kurt Müller (Uni Jena, Emeritus)
Lieselotte Moessner (TU Aachen, Emerita)
Jochen Petzold (Uni Regensburg)
Hildegard Tristram (Uni Potsdam, Emerita; Honorarprofessorin Freiburg))
Andrea Sand (Uni Trier)
Ursula Schaefer (TU Dresden, Emerita)
Elmar Schenkel (Uni Leipzig)
Jürg Schwyter (Uni Lausanne)
Benedikt Szmrecsanyi (Uni Manchester)
Stephen Tranter (Uni Jena)
Sabine Volk-Birke (Uni Halle)
Richard Matthews, Jon Adams, Brigitte Halford haben sich entschieden, in Freiburg zu bleiben.



  • BLUMENTHAL-DRAMÉ, Alice. Processing-Based Theories of Word Order Universals: A Neurolinguistic Perspective. (Kortmann)

  • CHRIST, Birte. Repräsentation der Todesstrafe in der amerikanischen Kultur. (Fludernik Zweitbetreuerin; Erstbetreuerin: Olson, Gießen)

  • von CONTZEN, Eva. The Power of Enumerating: Towards a Literary History of Lists. (Fludernik)

  • FEST, Kerstin. A Peep Behind the Curtain: Theatrical Discourses in 18th-Century England. (Fludernik)

  • HASER, Verena. Pragmatic Impairment in Asperger's Syndrome. (Kortmann)

  • HEINZE, Rüdiger. Second Generation Narration: American Immigrant Fiction. (Hochbruck)

  • HEYD, Theresa. The New African Diaspora Online: Language Use, Identity Politics, Multimodal Performance. (Mair)

  • LACOSTE, Véronique. Haitian English in Toronto: Development, Structure and Social Functioning. (Mair)

  • LANGSTROF, Christian. Sociophonetic Learning in Adults. (Kortmann)

  • LEIMGRUBER, Jacob. Language Planning and Policy in Quebec: A Comparative Perspective. (Mair)

  • LIEDKE, Heidi. Intermedial Thresholds: The Role of Livecasts in British Theatre Discourses in the 21st Century. (Korte)

  • PIRKER, Eva Ulrike. The Long Poem in English Literature. (Korte)

  • ZIMMERMANN, Ulrike. Popularisierungen des 18. Jahrhunderts. (Korte)




  • ALBER, Jan. Unnatural Narrative: Impossible Worlds in Fiction and Drama. (Fludernik)

  • ANDERWALD, Lieselotte. Non-Standard Verb Paradigms in Traditional British English Dialects: Morphological Naturalness and Comparative Dialect Grammar. (Kortmann)

  • BIRKE, Dorothee. Writing the Reader: Quixotic Novels in England, 1752–2007. (Fludernik)

  • DEUBER, Dagmar. Style and Standards in English in the Caribbean: Morphological and Syntactic Variation in Jamaica and Trinidad. (Mair)

  • FALKENHAYNER, Nicole. CCTV Beyond Surveillance: Memory, Narration, Agency. (Korte)

  • FISCHER, Roswitha. Sprachwandel im Lexikon des heutigen Englisch. Eine korpusgestützte Studie zu Motivation, Institutionalisierung und Produktivität englischer Wortbildungen seit ca. 1960. (Mair)

  • HUNDT, Marianne. English Mediopassive Constructions: A Cognitive, Corpus-Based Study of Their Origin, Spread and Current Status. (Mair)

  • KOHLMANN, Benjamin. The End of Laissez-Faire: Literature, Liberalism and Economic Discourse, 1870–1930. (Fludernik)

  • KRUG, Manfred. English Pronouns: Present and Past. (Kortmann)

  • LETHBRIDGE, Stefanie. Lyrik in Gebrauch: Gedichtanthologien in der englischen Druckkultur, 1557–2007. (Korte)

  • NANDI, Miriam. The Regulation of the Passions: Affect in Early Modern Diaries, 1600–1800. (Fludernik)

  • OLSON, Greta. 'Criminal Beasts' and the Rise of Positivist Criminology: From Shakespeare to Dickens. (Fludernik)

  • SAND, Andrea. Angloversals? Shared Morphosyntactic Features in Contact Varieties of English. (Mair)

  • SZMRECSANYI, Benedikt. The Geolinguistics of Grammatical Variability in Traditional British English Dialects: A Large-Scale Frequency-Based Study. (Kortmann)


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