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Rüggemeier, Anne, Dr.

Abteilung Englische Literaturwissenschaft
Postdoc bei Eva von Contzen ERC Starting Grant "Lists in Literature and Culture“

Tel: 203-97445
Room: KG IV, Raum 4006

Office hours: Mittwoch von 12-13 Uhr in R4006 (term)
 NA (break)



Die relationale Autobiographie: Ein Beitrag zur Theorie, Poetik und Gattungsgeschichte eines neuen Genres in der englischsprachigen Erzählliteratur. Trier: WVT, 2014.

Book Chapters:

“What’s Beyond (and Beneath) the Numbers and the Measures: Where Lists and Tables Meet Visual Vocabularies.” Invisible Made Visible: Comics and Mental Illness Eds. Leah Misemer and Jessica Gross. (in preparation; under contract with Penn State University Press)

“Self-Reflexivity in Contemporary English Auto/biographies.” Transparent Texts. Self-referentiality and Self-reflexivity in Literature. Eds. Florian Lippert and Marcel Schmid. Brill / Rodopi (Internationale Forschungen zur Allgemeinen und Vergleichenden Literaturwissenschaft), 2019,  239-257.

“Von Krankheit gezeichnet – vom Bruder porträtiert. Über die Produktion und die Bedeutung von Krankheitsmetaphern in David B.s Auto/BioGRAPHIE Die heilige Krankheit. Krankheit erzählen: Texte der Gegenwartsliteratur und Perspektiven für den Literaturunterricht. Eds. Jan Standke and Dieter Wrobel. Trier: WVT, 2019. 239-260.

“Der Autobiograph als Biograph? Relationale Selbsterzählungen in Theorie und Praxis.” Sich selbst erzählen. Autobiographie – Autofiktion – Autorschaft. Eds. Sonja Arnold et al. Kiel: Steve-Holger Ludwig, 2018. 75-100.

“Auto/biographic Metafiction and Relational Lives: Antonia S. Byatt’s The Biographer’s Tale (2000) and J.M. Coetzee’s Summertime (2009) as Paradigms of Meta-auto/biographies.” The British Novel in the Twenty-first Century: Cultural Concerns – Literary Developments – Model Interpretations. Eds. Vera Nünning and Ansgar Nünning. Trier: WVT, 2018. 283-296.

“Kingston’s The Woman Warrior in the Context of Life Writing Studies: An Exploration of Relational Selfhood.” Critical Insights: The Woman Warrior by Maxine Hong Kingston. Eds. Linda Trinh Moser and Kathryn West. Ipswich: Salem Press, 2016. 95-108.

“J.M. Coetzee’s Summertime – Breaking the Rules of a Genre to Create a Space for Broken Narratives.” Emergent Forms of Life in Anglophone Literature: Conceptual Frameworks and Critical Analyses. Eds. Michael Basseler, Daniel Hartley and Ansgar Nünning. Trier: WVT, 2015. 231-246.

“Narrating Selves: Generischer Wandel und gegenwärtige Entwicklungen in der Autobiographie.” Key Concepts and New Topics in English and American Studies/Schlüsselkonzepte und neue Themen in der Anglistik und Amerikanistik. Eds. Ansgar Nünning and Elizabeth Kovach. Trier: WVT, 2014. 239-262.

“Über Pop, TV und silberne Zigarettenetuis: Intermediale und materiale Inszenierungsverfahren relationaler Identität in zeitgenössischen englischsprachigen Autobiographien.” Medialisierungsformen des (Auto-)Biografischen. Eds. Carsten Heinze and Alfred Hornung. Konstanz: UVK, 2013. 181-200.

“The Re-Construction of Autobiography through Objects: Nancy K. Miller’s Auto/biography What They Saved.” The Cultural Dynamics of Generic Change in Contemporary Fiction: Theoretical Frameworks, Genres and Model Interpretations. Eds. Michael Basseler, Ansgar Nünning and Christine Schwanecke. Trier: WVT, 2013. 329-345.

“Medialisierung von Lebensgeschichten: Formen und Funktionen von multimodalem Erzählen in relationalen Autobiographien.” Medialisierung des Erzählens im englischsprachigen Roman der Gegenwart: Theoretischer Bezugsrahmen, Genres und Modellinterpretationen. Eds. Ansgar Nünning and Jan Rupp. Trier: WVT, 2011. 287-303.

Peer-reviewed Journal Articles

“Transformative List-Making: Challenging Heteronormativity and Ableism in Somatographies.” Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics 11 (2020). In Print.

“Female Mental Illness, Monstrosity, and Male Medical Discourses: Revisiting Jane Eyre.” Anglistik 30.3 (2019). 73-88.

“Shame and Shamelessness in Contexts of Care and Caregiving in Philip Roth’s Patrimony (1991) and Sarah Leavitt’s Tangles (2012).” EJES European Journal for English Studies 23.3. (2019). 263-280.

---, and Maren Scheurer. “Autobiography and/as Narcissism? Psychoanalysis and Self-Reflexive Life Writing in Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick’s A Dialogue on Love and Alison Bechdel’s Are You My Mother?” a/b Auto/biography Studies 34.2. (2019): 167-195.

“Lists in Life Writing: The List as a Means to Visualize the Trace of the Absent.” a/b Auto/Biography Studies 34.2. (2019): 329-341.

“The List as a Means of Assessment and Standardization and Its Critical Remediation in Graphic Narratives About Illness and Care.” Closure 5 (2018). 55-82.

“Graphic Illness: Die Krankheit im Leben der Geschwister am Beispiel von David B.s Comic Epileptic.” Internationale Kinder- und Jugendliteraturforschung (interjuli) 1 (2017): 69-90.

“‘Posing for all the characters in the book’: the multimodal processes of production in Alison Bechdel’s relational autobiography Are You My Mother?” Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics 7 (2016): 254-267.

“Beyond the Subject – Towards the Object? Nancy K. Miller’s What They Saved: Pieces of a Jewish Past (2011) and the Materiality of Life Writing.” European Journal of Life Writing (EJLW) 5 (2016): 36-54.

“The Autobiographer as Family Archivist: Relational Autobiographies and the Many Modes of Writing a Life.” Amsterdam International Electronic Journal for Cultural Narratology (AJCN) 6 (2011).


1)    Lexicon Article

“Coetzee, J.M. – Summertime.” Kindlers Literatur Lexikon. Vol. 3. Stuttgart: J.B. Metzler, 2009.  

2)    Reviews

“‘All one can do is tell a better story.’ The Ethical Potential and the Risks of Storytelling.” Rev. of Storytelling and Ethics: Literature, Visual Arts and the Power of Narrative, eds. Hanna Meretoja and Colin Davis. Diegesis. International E-journal for Narrative Research/Interdisziplinäres E-Journal für Erzählforschung 7.2 (2018): 176-183.

3)    Blog-posts

with Sarah Link. “ERC Starting Grant Project on Lists in Literature and Culture at the University of Freiburg.” Blog Post. Listology: Exploring Lists in All Their Possibilities. 3 June 2018.

Talks (Selection)

“Lists in Graphic Illness Narratives”. Que(e)rying Graphic Medicine: Paradigms, Power and Practices. Graphic Medicine Conference. Brighton and Sussex Medical School, United Kingdom. 11-13 July 2019.

“Fragmentary Linearities: The List, Graphic Illness and the Concept of Broken Narratives” (Panel Chaired: “Lists and Narrative Configuration in Comics and Graphic Narrative”) ISSN 2019. The Society for the Study of Narrative Annual Conference. University of Navarra, Pamplona, Spain. 30 May - 1 June 2019.

“Contesting the Experience of Illness: The Form of the List as a Means of Counter-Inscription” ISSN 2019. The Society for the Study of Narrative Annual Conference. University of Navarra, Pamplona, Spain. 30 May - 1 June 2019.

“Introduction.” Lists of Life – Life Writing and the Poetics of List Making. Freiburg Institute for Advanced Studies, University of Freiburg. 18 January 2019. Workshop.

“Visualizing Illness. The Remediation of Medical Imaging Techniques in Graphic Illness Narratives.” Why Care to Write? Medical Humanities Conference, Ulm University, 4-6 Dec. 2018.

“Illness and the List: The knowledge of Illness between Medicine and Literature” Anglistentag. Jahrestagung des Deutschen Anglistenverbandes. University of Bonn. 23-26 Sept. 2018.

“The Lists of Leisure: The Economy of Self-improvement and Relationship Management as Observed in the Cultural Practice of the Bucket List.” Muße und Arbeit. Tagung des Sonderforschungsbereichs 1015 “Muße.” University of Freiburg. 12-14 Apr. 2018.

“Dickens and the Language of Illness.” Dickens and Language. 23rd Annual Dickens Symposium. University of Tübingen. 30 July - 1 Aug. 2018.

“The Hidden Agendas of Healing: Medical Lists and the (Non)authorial Shaping of Being Ill.” Hiding, Revealing, Belonging. International Auto/Biography Association World Conference. Federal University of São João del-Rei, Brazil. 11-14 July 2018. Roundtable Discussion.

Invited Round Table Discussion: “Lists in Life Writing: Reading between the Lines – The List as a Means to Visualize the Trace of the Absent.” Hiding, Revealing, Belonging. International Auto/Biography Association World Conference. Federal University of São João del-Rei, Brazil. 11-14 July 2018. Roundtable Discussion.

“Coetzee’s Summertime: Broken Narrative and the Curse of Coherence.” Annual Meeting of the American Comparative Literature Association (ACLA). University of Utrecht, Netherlands. 6-9 July 2017.

“Fakt und Fiktion in digitalen Krankheitserzählungen: Beispiele, Funktionen und die Frage nach einem ‘pacte automédiatique.’” Fakt/Fiktion: Referentielle Multimodalität in der digitalen Medienkultur. University of Tübingen. 1-2 June 2017. Workshop.

“Der unfreiwillige inklusive Blick – Thematisierung und (graphische) Darstellung von Krankheit und Behinderung aus der Perspektive von Geschwisterkindern.” Der inklusive Blick II: Kinder- und Jugendliteratur im Fokus. University of Cologne. 17-18 March 2017. Conference.

“‘I Pose for All the Characters in My Book’: The Multimodal Processes of Production in Alison Bechdel’s Are You My Mother?” Transmedial Narratology: Theories and Methods. Winter School, University of Tübingen. 23-26 February 2016.

“Challenging the Life Course: Narratives of Disruption in Contemporary English Literatures.” The Failed Individual. Research & Study Centre Dynamics of Change, University of Mannheim. 12-14 November 2015.

“Broken Narratives and the Curse of Coherence.” The Ethics of Storytelling: Historical Imagination in Contemporary Literature, Media and the Visual Arts. University of Turku, Finland. 4-7 June 2015.

“Beyond the Subject, towards the Object? Auto/biographical Objects as Triggers for Re-Thinking the Ideologies of a Genre.” Beyond the Subject: New Developments in Life Writing. International Auto/biography Association Europe. Ludwig Boltzmann Institute, Vienna, Austria. 31 October - 3 November 2013.

“How I Found My Family in a Drawer: Nancy K. Miller’s What They Saved and the Framing of Multimodal Artefacts in Relational Life Narratives.” Narrative Matters: Life & Narrative. Sixth Biannual Interdisciplinary Conference on Narrative Research. American University of Paris, France. 29 May - 1 June 2012.

“Intermediale Selbstpräsentationen als Inszenierungsverfahren interpersonaler Identitätskonzepte.” Medialisierungsformen des (Auto-)biographischen und ihre Kommunikationskontexte. Sektion Biographieforschung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Soziologie. Faculty of Business, Economics and Social Sciences, University of Hamburg. 2-4 December 2011.

“The Autobiographer as Family Archivist: Forms and Functions of Multimodality in Relational Autobiographies.” Working with Stories: Narrative as a Meeting Place for Theory, Analysis and Practice. Second European Narrative Network Conference. University of Southern Denmark, Kolding. 10-11 March 2011.

“Peter Handke’s Immer Noch Sturm as an Example of Relational Life Writing in Europe.” Trajectories of (Be)longing: Europe in Life Writing. International Auto/biography Association Europe. Talinn University, Estonia. 18-20 May 2011.



Professional Experiences and Academic Positions
Since 06/2017Postdoc in the ERC-Starting Grant Project “Lists in Literature and Culture” (PI Eva von Contzen); Freiburg University
07/2015-05/2017   Junior Research Group Leader at the Heidelberg School of Education (inter-university collaboration between Heidelberg University and Heidelberg University of Education)
11/2014-04/2015   DFG Career Development Grant from the Graduate Centre for the Study of Culture (University of Gießen)
02/2014PhD, summa cum laude, University of Gießen, Thesis on: “Die Relationale Autobiographie: Ein Beitrag zur Theorie, Poetik und Gattungsgeschichte eines neuen Genres in der englischsprachigen Erzählliteratur”
10/2009 – 09/2013PhD student and DFG scholarship recipient at the Graduate Centre for the Study of Culture (University of Gießen)
12/2007 – 11/2009EU Research Manager at the Max Planck Regional Cluster for Baden-Württemberg at the Max Planck Campus Tübingen (part time)
Teaching Experience
May 2011“Narrating Selves” as part of a series of lectures: Key topics in English and American Studies
Summer Term 2012Proseminar II Reading Autobiography (University of Gießen)
Winter Term 2015/16Proseminar II Reading, Learning and Teaching Autobiography (University of Heidelberg)
Summer Term 2016Proseminar II Exploring Graphic Novels (University of Heidelberg)
Winter Term 2017/18Übung: Planung und Durchführung von Forschungs- und Lehrprojekten (University of Freiburg)
Summer Term 2018Proseminar II Literature and Illness: An Introduction (University of Freiburg)
Winter Term 2018/19Proseminar II From Lilliput to Lonely Planet. Travel Writing as Genre and Cultural Practice (University of Freiburg)
Summer Term 2019Lecture: Survey of British and Postcolonial Literature: Romanticism to the Present (University of Freiburg)
Winter Term 2019/20Proseminar II Oscar Wilde: Critic and Artist


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