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Neurophysiology I

Course: Measurement and Analysis of Neuronal Activity -
A Technical Introduction
Instructors: C. Boucsein, U. Egert1, M. Nawrot2
Location: Course rooms in the Hansastr. 9a and the Zoology building (Biology I)
Time / Duration: 2 weeks at semester end, full time
Start: arranged during the first meeting
Preliminary Discussion (Vorbesprechung): Oct 23, 2007, 17:30h, Room 05.070, 5th floor, Bio III
Max: 12 Students
Credits: WP 5

1Biomikrotechnologie, Institut f. Mikrosystemtechnik

2Institut für Biologie, AG Neurobiologie, FU Berlin

The course is intended to give a thorough introduction to the use of typical, electronic laboratory equipment and analysis techniques in neurobiological research, typical problems encountered and their solutions. These include oscilloscope, amplifier, computer, high pass-, low pass- and band pass filters, analog to digital, and digital to analog converters, storage and handling of digitized data, problems related to digital data aquisition (sampling rate and information loss), data analysis on the computer (what is possible, what are the limits). Although no 'real' biological experiments will be performed, the data analyzed are representative for those.

To download last years script for the course click here
There will be a few changes this year, in particular day 9, which used to treat cross-correlation analysis will this year handle the analysis of intracellular recordings. All other modules will remain but day 8 will be taken over by U. Egert.

Participation in this or an equivalent course is required before participating in either of the following courses:

These projects generally rely on the knowledge taught in the two courses mentioned above.
Form of assessment: Course Protocols.

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