• SOUL (Semantics-oriented unification-based language processing; Strube / Strube & Hemforth), 1987-1995, funded by the DFG (German National Research Foundation).
  • InterSOUL & SOUL-M (Hemforth & Strube), 1995-1998, funded by the DFG.
  • EVENTS (Event schemata; Strube), 1988-1992, funded by the DFG.
  • FABEL (Case-based reasoning in expert systems), 1992-1996, together with research groups at the GMD, Sankt Augustin, BSR, Munich, and the universities of Karlsruhe, TU Dresden, and HTWK Leipzig, funded by the BMBF (German ministry of education and research)
  • MEMOSPACE (Mental models in spatial reasoning; Strube, Schlieder & Rauh), 1996-2001, funded by the DFG.
  • PROSA (Prosodic, syntactic and anaphoric processes; Hemforth, Konieczny & Strube), 1999-2001, funded by the DFG.
  • WorkSpace (Working memory & spatial reasoning; Knauff & Strube), 2000-2004 , funded by the DFG.
  • DaMiT (Data-Mining Tutor; in coop. with DFKI) 2001-2004, funded by BMBF (German Ministry for Education and Research)
  • WebSharK (Web-based sharing of knowledge; Strube & Janetzko), 2001-2005 , funded by the DFG. (in the priority program on Netbased Knowledge Communication in Groups).
  • SpaceGuide (SFB/TR 8, R6; Hölscher, Strube & Burgard), funded by DFG, 2007-2010.
  • MapSpace (SFB/TR 8, I2; Freksa & Strube), funded by DFG, 2007-2010.

Member of DFG graduate schools (Graduiertenkollegs):

  • Menschliche und maschinelle Intelligenz (Human and machine intelligence, 1992-2002)
  • Wissenserwerb und Wissenskommunikation mit neuen Medien ("virtuelles"
    Graduiertenkolleg, VGK; Acquisition and communication of knowledge via new media, 1999-2007)
  • Frequenzeffekte in der Sprache (frequency effects in language,  2010-2013)
Gerhard Strube


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