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Tuition fees in Freiburg

Possible tuition fees beginning with the winter semester 2006/2007



When you apply for a student visa at the Embassy of Germany, you must prove that you have a sufficient amount of money to be able to financially support yourself during your study.

The living expenses in Freiburg are of approx. 700 Euro / month, including the rent, between 180 and 300 Euro per person at the student residencies or WG = Wohngemeinschaft, health insurrance (55,92 Euro / month, that is 335,52 Euro / semester), semester ticket (63 Euro) allowing you to use all the city and regional transportation means, food, books and other expenses.

Public and higher education institutions in Germany do not have any tuition fees at the moment for the students studying for their first diplom or those who finish in time their studies. For those who need suplimentary semesters, the fees are of 511,29 Euro / semester (Langzeitstudiengebühren). For example, normal study time for law students = 9 semesters + 4 more semesters at the University = 13 semesters.  The tuition fees start with the 14th semester.

However, it is possible that tuition fees (in an amount of 500 Euro / semester) for all students will be introduced in Baden-Württemberg in the winter semester 2006/2007.

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