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A Freiburg Tour

Dear Student, welcome to Freiburg!


We are going to take you for a ride through Freiburg for you to get an idea about your adoptive city.

The University

First, you should know how the University looks like. So, here it is!



Alte UNI







Don’t think that this is the only building. Here are the headquarters of the old University before whole this became a huge industry. Since the University is indeed the only big “industry” in Freiburg . In the centre of the city there are six academic buildings: the old University, the library and four buildings for courses belonging to various faculties (namely, KG I, KG II, KG III, KG IV).


We apologise for boring you with so many details about the universitie's belongings. Now we want you to find a place of your own to relax!

SeePark is actually next to one of the biggest student residencies in Freiburg , namely StuSie (=Studentensiedlung). But be careful not to relax too much in this gorgeous park. Relaxation could have side effects, too. Some of the students gave up studying from so much of it…





That is why we advise you not to do what the swans in the park are doing ! :D

We did not forget about those who do not appreciate the nature and the fresh air. Allow us to divide you into two categories: the first category includes those interested in the theatre and opera and the second category includes those interested in the social life, bars and discos… However, of course, we will not be the ones to draw a line between these two categories. We admit the possibility of crossing this border, but we don't recommend it.

The first category is then interested in the building from the pictures below. Freiburg Theatre




The second category, as mentioned above, is formed by those who cannot stand fresh air without nicotine nor alcohol vapours. They can easily find this in a variety of bars and discos throughout the city. There is a bar in StuSie, too. The name of the bar was invented before the student residence was built and they do not have any relation to one another.:))

Here it is, StuSie BAR !!!

Everything is now in its place! We should mention, however, that from time to time some professors come up with demands like “write a paper or a final exam”. But these are minor things for the two categories mentioned above. In extreme cases, we have the solution:

Go to church!



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Românaş la Freiburg

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Din Freiburg

Organizaţia Studenţească Româno-Bulgară "GRYPHON"

Sediul: Erbprinzenstr. 12, 79098 Freiburg im Breisgau, Tel. 0152 227 756 03 (Anamaria Nemet)

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Institutul Român din Freiburg

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Radio Românesc

Emisiune în limba română la Radio Dreyeckland Freiburg realizată de Silviu Sanda


Biserica Ortodoxă Română din Freiburg

Maria Schutz Kirche, Schützenalle, 79102 Freiburg