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Doris Lechner has read English and American Studies and German Literature (BA) and European Literatures and Cultures (MA) at the University of Freiburg. She completed her Master of Arts with a thesis on Marina Lewycka’s Popular Novels about Eastern Europe: Tractors, Caravans and the Mechanics of the British Book Market in 2010.

Doris has been involved in the research group since April 2008, when she started working as a student assistant for the project After Windrush: Popular Re-Constructions of a Black History for a Multiethnic Britain. From 2010 she worked as a research assistant on representations of the past in Victorian family magazines within the research group’s project Histories for the Many: Historical Lifeworlds in Victorian Family, Women’s and Children’s Periodicals.

From October 2013 she has also worked on heroic drama by late seventeenth-century women playwrights as part of the project Imaginäre Konkurrenz: 'Exotische' Helden im englischen und deutschen Drama des späten 17. Jahrhunderts (Imaginary Competition: ‘Exotic’ Heroes in English and German Drama of the Late Seventeenth Century) within SFB 948 Helden – Heroisierungen – Heroismen (collaborative research centre ‘Heroes – Heroisations – Heroisms’).


PhD Project

Histories for the Many: The Victorian Family Magazine and Popular Representations of the Past (Working Title)

Project Abstract: (PDF)

Commercially designed to cater as reading matter for a broad audience, the Victorian family magazine can be seen as a democratizing medium which to a large extent also served to distribute representations of the past, thereby influencing people’s knowledge and perception of (national) history’s meaning for society’s present and future conduct. The thesis will examine the contribution of illustrated family magazines as a popular medium to contemporary historical culture during the 1850s and 1860s as an in-between stage by analysing how issues of class, gender, age and religion were debated within a national historical identity. The focus will be on the Religious Tract Society’s periodical Leisure Hour as a prime exemplar for Victorian family papers. In order to consider the Leisure Hour within a larger perspective of the periodical market-place, it will be compared to and read within the network of three other periodicals, namely its secular opponent London Journal as well as the more up-market Good Words and Cornhill Magazine. The thesis will specifically attend to issues of a serialisation of the past in both fictional and factual formats; historical representation in text as well as image will be considered in their potential of constructing meaning and identity not only in their printed manifestation but also with regard to matters of production and consumption: how, by whom, for whom and with which intentions are historical representations within this popular medium used at a time of social change and debate?

Supervisors: Prof. Barbara Korte (Freiburg), Prof. Leslie Howsam (Windsor, Canada)

Project Poster with Nina Reusch for Graduate School Poster Presentation (2011/2012) (PDF)



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  • with Barbara Korte: Popular History in Victorian Magazines Database. University Library at University of Freiburg, 2014. doi:10.6094/UNIFR/2014/1.


Conference Papers

  • "Eastern European Memories? The Novels of Marina Lewycka". Conference Facing the East in the West, 23-26.07.2009, University of Freiburg.
  • "Representations of the Past in the Leisure Hour: Selling History to the Working Man". Annual Association for Research in Popular Fictions Conference Popular Fictions: Selling Culture?, Victorian Strand "Cultural Identities in the Victorian Periodical Press", 20-21.11.2010, Liverpool John Moores University.
  • with Nina Reusch: "Geschichte in Text und Bild: Illustrierte Familienzeitschriften des 19. Jahrhunderts".  Workshop Bildanalyse - Bildwahrnehmung, 28.01.2011, Historische Lebenswelten, University of Freiburg.
  • with Nina Reusch: "Klio in neuen Kleidern. Geschichte in einem gegenderten Genre". Conference Geschlecht und Geschichte in populären Medien, 1-3.12.2011, Historische Lebenswelten, University of Freiburg.
  • with Nina Reusch: "Towards Transdisciplinarity in Practice? A Comparison of the Shakespeare Tercentenary in the Leisure Hour and the Schiller Centenary in Die Gartenlaube". ESPRit Conference Periodicals Across Europe, 9-10.12.2011, International Anthony Burgess Foundation, Manchester.
  • "Historical Culture and the Negotiation of Media Boundaries: Serializing the Past in and out of the Leisure Hour". SHARP Conference The Battle for Books, 26-29.06.2012, Trinity College Dublin. Session 4.8: From Periodical to Book: Materiality, Media, and Expression (Panel co-organized with Stefanie Lethbridge, Freiburg, & James Mussell, Birmingham).
  • "Popular History and Religion in the Mid-Victorian Family Magazine: A Comparative Reading of the Leisure Hour". SHARP Conference Religions of the Book, 17-21.09.2014, Antwerp. Session 9H: Historical Narrative as Secular Scripture: Nineteenth-Century Ideologies (Panel co-organized with Leslie Howsam, Windsor/CA, & Ian Hesketh, Brisbane).


Conference Organisation

  • Populäre Geschichte und medialer Wandel zwischen Fortschrittsoptimismus und Kulturpessimismus, 22.-24.06.2012, University of Freiburg. Member of organising team: Junior Researchers of the DFG-Forschergruppe 875 Historische Lebenswelten and Member of the GSKS Focus Group Popular Cultures of History.
  • History and Humour – 1800 to Present, 6.-7.07.2012, Historische Lebenswelten, Universität Freiburg. Organised with conference coordinators Barbara Korte and Elisabeth Cheauré.
  • Network-Conference for German Scholars of Book History and Print Culture, 09.-10.05.2013, University of Freiburg. Organised with Stefanie Lethbridge, Freiburg, and Corinna Norrick-Rühl, Mainz.





  • Übung: Introduction to Literary Studies (WS 2008/09 – SS 2010)
  • Proseminar: First World War Poetry and Short Fiction (SS 2014)
  • Proseminar: Victorian Periodicals (SS 2014)
  • Übung: Survey of English Literature II – Romaticism to Present (SS 2014)



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