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Phase I (2007-2010)

During its first phase, the research group consisted of the overall project which continues into the second phase and contributes to the research on the popularization of the humanities as well as of six individual projects. These projects explored the theoretical frame in case studies which are about to be finished and prepared for publication.

Hans-Joachim Gehrke and Miriam Sénécheau:
Popular Constructions of Ancient Lebenswelten in the Light of Processes of Europeanization and Globalization

Sven Kommer:
Popular Constructions of the Dark Ages in the German 'Mediaeval-Scene'

Judith Schlehe and Michiko Uike-Bormann:
Staging Historical Lifeworlds in Theme- and Culture-Parks: Reflections of 'Self' and 'Other' in Asia and Europe

Wolfgang Hochbruck and Carolyn Oesterle:
'Theatres of History': Theatrical Re-Constructions of North American History

Sylvia Paletschek and Mark Rüdiger:
Representations of the 1950s in the Television of the Federal Republic of Germany between 1959 and 2009

Barbara Korte and Ulrike Pirker:
After Windrush: Popular Re-Constructions of a Black History for a Multiethnic Britain

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