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Project Hochbruck/Oesterle

'Theatres of History': Theatrical Re-Constructions of North American History


The last three decades have seen a tremendous proliferation of cultural practices in which history is approached, appropriated and (re-)constructed in dramatized formats and by theatrical means. These 'theatres of history' cover a wide range of phenomena such as experimental archeology, the museological varieties of living history, the very popular forms of period reenactment, and parahistoric live action role play. The North American Studies project analyses the specific mediality of theatrical (re-)con­structions of history, their way of negotiating the past, as well as their attractiveness as a source of recreation and tourist activity. Aim and target of the project are a typology of 'theatres of history', and the situation of its constituent parts within the continuum of academic historiography and (pop)cultural industries. A focus lies also on the complex interrelations between the formation, reproduction and commercialisation of historical knowledge as transmitted through theatres of history.

Project Director: Wolfgang Hochbruck (North American Studies)
Assistants: Carolyn Oesterle (North American Studies); Student Assistants: Anna-Lena Hauenstein, Anna Stockitt, Victoria Tafferner

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