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In addition to the general project, which will contribute to the research on the popularisation of the humanities, the research group consists of individual projects which explore this theoretical frame in case studies. Both research foci run parallel to each other and serve a mutual reinforcement.


Miriam Sénécheau:
Celts, Romans and Germans: Constructions of Antique Lifeworlds in the Context of Political Identity Formation


Heinrich Anz and Imke von Helden:
"Absolutt Viking": Popular Receptions of History in Scandinavian Contemporary Culture


Elisabeth Cheauré and Regine Nohejl:
On the Popularization of Napoleon, Borondino and the 'Patriotic War: The Search for National Identity in Russia


Judith Schlehe and Evamaria Müller:
Popular Historical Cultures in Indonesia: Current References to the Past in the Context of Democratization and Decentralization


Barbara Korte and Doris Lechner:
Histories for the Many: Historical Lifeworlds in Victorian Family, Women’s and Children’s Periodicals


Sylvia Paletschek and Nina Reusch:
History in German Illustrated Magazines of the 19th Century (ca. 1850-1914/18)


From the first phase of the research group the following projects will continue for a short time:


Hans-Joachim Gehrke and Miriam Sénécheau:
Popular Constructions of Ancient Lebenswelten in the Light of Processes of Europeanization and Globalization ; (now Project Sénécheau)


Sven Kommer:
Popular Constructions of the Dark Ages in the German 'Mediaeval-Scene'



For the other projects from the first phase click here.


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