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Project Anz/von Helden


"Absolutt Viking": Popular Receptions of History in Scandinavian Contemporary Culture


Since the middle of the 18th century, the Viking motif and history have been a resource for the construction of collective identity in Scandinavian society, particularly through the literary and political discourse that was existent in 18th century patriotism, Romanticism, 19th century Scandinavism and in 19th and 20th century nation building. As a result this Viking Motif has become an important part of contemporary quotidian culture. In contrast to the politically motivated and commercialised 19th and 20th centuries' versions of the history of the Viking Age, two ways of creating identity by means of referring to popular culture will be analysed: on a local level, contemporary implementations of Viking theatre will be analysed both in terms of the extrapolation of 20th century Theatres of History, and as a foundational function for a national or local culture; and on a local and global level, extreme metal as a form of Scandinavian popular music will be examined.

Project Director: Prof. Dr. Heinrich Anz (Scandiniavian Studies)

Assistant: Imke von Helden, M. A. (Scandiniavian Studies); (was represented by Katharina Baier, M.A.)

Student Assistant: Aline Behrendt (Scandinavian Studies); Katja Gallas (Scandinavian Studies)


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