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Project Kommer


Popular Constructions of the Dark Ages in the German 'Mediaeval-Scene'


With its focus on the 'Mediaeval Scene' (in the sense of a thematically focused network of people), the project researches a contemporary popular cultural group which may also be understood as a knowledge culture geared towards historical lifeworlds. By example of the subjective point of view and forms of meaning construction of the scene's members, the project aims to show how knowledge constructions ('Middle Ages') popularised in the media are used by recipients to process meaning, to construct their own specific knowledge and finally to generate a knowledge culture. The 'scene's members' in this context are people who actively engage in the organisation of mediaeval markets and other (also private) events. Visitors to such events are not the subject of this examination.
Building on established traditions of media pedagogy, the approach combines elements of juvenile, media and cultural theory. The examination will entail (qualitative) interviews of the scene's members (individual and group interviews), and thus media and media contents (literature, magazines, films, computer games) which can be identified as important to the scene will further be analysed with regard to their constructions and clichéd uses of the 'Middle Ages'.

The combination of recipient interviews and media analysis will in conclusion enable a description and analysis of popularisation processes within a specific field.


Project Director: PD Dr. Sven Kommer (Medienpädagogik)

Assistants: Kristina Wacker

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