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Dr.ir. Chris Seijger 

Chair of Forest and Environmental Policy
Tennenbacher Str. 4
D - 79106 Freiburg i. Br.
Room 04061
Telefon: (0761) 203 - 3719


At the Chair of Forest and Environmental Policy, Chris Seijger teaches the course “Water policy, law, management” and works on water-oriented research proposals. He is an enthusiastic social scientist with a background in land and water management. 

His primary research focus is the strong connection between strategies and institutions in the context of integrated water management. He studies these connections through interdisciplinary research across natural and social science disciplines, and, if possible, in close collaboration with policymakers and local stakeholders. The main theories he employs are rooted in policy sciences, sociology of technology, strategic planning, knowledge production and learning. The case study is his main research method, in which he applies qualitative and quantitative approaches to collect (interviews, surveys, focus groups, observations, field visits, desk study) and analyse data (qualitative coding, document analysis, process-tracing, triangulation, cross-case comparison). In his research activities, he provides a bird-eye view on complex land and water issues, is strong in communication to different audiences (from decision-maker to laymen) and is sensible to political, economic and social aspects. His research experience includes the Netherlands, United States, Bangladesh, Lao PDR, Uzbekistan, Vietnam. 

Chris Seijger is also employed by IHE Delft where he studies strategic delta planning. Between 2014 and 2017, he worked at Deltares as researcher in water governance and chaired its Young Science Council. He obtained his PhD on interactive knowledge development in coastal projects at the University of Twente (2014).   

Research interests:

Water in agriculture-forest frontier

Lock-in’s and transitions in water management

Water governance and reform

Opening-up processes of knowledge production  

Implementation feasibility and policy arrangements 

Sustainable business

Scientific publications: 

  • Seijger, C., Datta, D., Douven, W., Halsema, G. van, Khan, M., Rethinking sediments, tidal rivers and delta livelihoods: tidal river management as a strategic innovation in Bangladesh, Water policy. doi 10.2166/wp.2018.212 
  • Seijger, C., Ellen, G., Verheijen, E., Janssen, S., Erkens, G., Sinking deltas: trapped in a dual lock-in of technology and institutions, Prometheus Critical Studies on Innovation. doi 10.1080/08109028.2018.1504867
  • Tran, D., Halsema, G. van, Hellegers, P., Ludwig, F., Seijger, C. (2018), Stakeholders’ assessment of dike-protected and flood-based alternatives from a sustainable livelihood perspective in An Giang Province, Mekong Delta, Vietnam, Agricultural Water Management. doi 10.1016/j.agwat.2018.04.039 
  • Seijger, C., Brouwer, S., Buuren, A. van, Gilissen, H., Rijswick, M. van, Hendriks, M. (2018), Functions of OECD Water Governance Principles in assessing water governance practices: assessing the Dutch Flood Protection Program, Water International. doi 10.1080/02508060.2018.1402607 . Special issue.
  • Seijger, C., Brouwer, S., van Buuren, A., Gilissen, H. K., van Rijswick, M., & Hendriks, M. (2018). Functions of OECD Water Governance Principles in assessing water governance practices: assessing the Dutch Flood Protection Programme. Water International, 43(1), 90-108.  
  • Seijger, C., Douven, W., van Halsema, G., Hermans, L., Evers, J., Phi, H. L., . . . Hoang, V. T. M. (2017). An analytical framework for strategic delta planning: negotiating consent for long-term sustainable delta development. Journal of Environmental Planning and Management, 60(8), 1485-1509.  
  • Seijger, C., Otter, H. S., van Tatenhove, J., & Dewulf, G. (2016). Socially robust knowledge in coastal projects. Environmental Science & Policy, 55, Part 3, 393-407. 
  • Seijger, C., Dewulf, G., Van Tatenhove, J., & Otter, H. S. (2015). Towards practitioner-initiated interactive knowledge development for sustainable development: A cross-case analysis of three coastal projects. Global Environmental Change, 34, 227-236.
  • Seijger, C. (2014). Interactive Knowledge Development in Coastal Projects. (PhD), University of Twente, Enschede.  
  • Seijger, C., van Tatenhove, J., Dewulf, G., & Otter, H. S. (2014). Responding to coastal problems: Interactive knowledge development in a US nature restoration project. Ocean & Coastal Management, 89, 29-38.  
  • Seijger, C., Dewulf, G., Otter, H., & Van Tatenhove, J. (2013). Understanding interactive knowledge development in coastal projects. Environmental Science & Policy, 29, 103-114. 
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