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  Aktuelle Auflistung aller Publikationen der Professur für Forst- und Umweltpolitik:



Wissenschaftliche Publikationen 2019

Originalarbeiten in wissenschaftlichen Fachzeitschriften:

  • Baldy J: Framing a Sustainable Local Food System—How Smaller Cities in Southern Germany Are Facing a New Policy Issue Sustainability-basel, 2019; 11 (6): 1-25. : http://10.3390/su11061712 (download: https://www.mdpi.com/2071-1050/11/6/1712/htm)
  • Baldy J, Kruse S: Food Democracy from the Top Down? State-Driven Participation Processes for Local Food System Transformations towards Sustainability Politics and Governance, 2019; 7 (4): 68-80. : http://dx.doi.org/10.17645/pag.v7i4.2089 (download: https://www.cogitatiopress.com/politicsandgovernance/article/view/2089)
  • Blum M, Lövbrand E: The return of carbon offsetting? The discursive legitimation of new market arrangements in the Paris climate regime Earth System Governance, 2019. : https://doi.org/10.1016/j.esg.2019.100028 (download: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S2589811619300278/pdfft?md5=fd779a8c4be2a8e5ae077d73b67e49bd&pid=1-s2.0-S2589811619300278-main.pdf) (in Druck)
  • Evers J, Douven W, Stroom J van de, Hasan S, Seijger C, Phi H: A framework to assess the performance of participatory planning tools for strategic delta planning J Environ Plann Man, 2019; 62 (9): 1636-1653. : http://10.1080/09640568.2019.1603843
  • Hoang V, Halsema G van, Seijger C, Nhan D, Dewulf A, Hellegers P: Political agenda-setting for strategic delta planning in the Mekong Delta – converging or diverging agendas of policy actors and of the Mekong Delta Plan? J Environ Plann Man, 2019; 62 (9): 1454-1474. : http://10.1080/09640568.2019.1571328
  • Korbee D, Halsema G van, Seijger C: Strategic Delta Planning: Launching New Ideas on Managing a Delta, and their Travels along Actor Coalitions, Participatory Planning Tools and Implementation Timelines J Environ Plann Man, 2019; 62 (9): 1447-1453. : http://10.1080/09640568.2019.1647683
  • Lang S, Blum M, Leipold S: What future for the voluntary carbon offset market after Paris? An explorative study based on the Discursive Agency Approach Clim Policy, 2019; 19 (4): 414-426. : https://doi.org/10.1080/14693062.2018.1556152 (in Druck)
  • Seijger C, Datta D, Douven W, Halsema G van, Khan M: Rethinking sediments, tidal rivers and delta livelihoods: tidal river management as a strategic innovation in Bangladesh Water Policy, 2019; 21 (1): 108-126. : http://10.2166/wp.2018.212/64718
  • Seijger C, Halsema G van, Korbee D: Synthesis of strategic delta planning in action: vested interests, expected and unexpected changes J Environ Plann Man, 2019; 62 (9): 1654-1674. : http://10.1080/09640568.2019.1622516
  • Seijger C, Vo H, Halsema G van, Douven W, Wyatt A: Do strategic delta plans get implemented? The case of the Mekong Delta Plan Reg Environ Change, 2019; 19 (4): 1131-1145. : http://10.1007/s10113-019-01464-0


  • Bas Louman, Rodney J. Keenan, Daniela Kleinschmit, Stibniati Atmadja, Almeida A.Sitoe, Isilda Nhantumbo, Ronnie de Camino Velozo, Jean Pierre Morales: SDG 13: Climate Action – Impacts on Forests and People In: Sustainable Development Goals: Their Impacts on Forests and People Cambridge: Cambridge UNiversity Press, 2019; 419-444.
  • Kruse S, Abeling, Thomas, Deeming, Hugh, Fordham, Maureen, Forrester, John, Jülich,Sebastian, Karanci, A. Nuray, Kuhlicke, Christian, Pelling, Mark, Pedoth, Lydia, Schneiderbauer, Stefan, Sharpe, Justin: The emBRACE Resilience Framework: Developing an Integrated Framework for Evaluating Community Resilience to Natural Hazards In: Framing Community Disaster Resilience Hohboken: John Wiley and Sons Ltd., 2019.
  • Louman, B.,, Keenan, R.J.,, Kleinschmit, D, Atmadja, S., Sitoe, A.A., Nhantumbo, I., de Camino Velozo, R., Morales, J.P.: SDG 13: Climate Action – Impacts on Forests and People In: Sustainable Development Goals: Their Impacts on Forests and People Cambridge: Cambridge UNiversity Press, 2019.



  • Baldy J: „You‘ll never make it without actors“ – Food system transformation in smaller cities in southern Germany 2019 (Governance of Big Transformations/München/Hochschule für Politik).
  • Giurca A: Science-Slam „Unser Weg zu einer biobasierten Wirtschaft“ 2019 (Unternehmenskonferenz: Chancen und Potentiale der Umweltwirtschaft in Jena).
  • Giurca A: Übergang zu einer forstbasierten Bioökonomie? Lehren aus Deutschland und Finnland 2019 (Institutskolloquium im SoSe 19, Tübingen).
  • Giurca A: Perceiving the Forest-based Bioeconomy 2019 (IUFRO 2019, Curitiba, Brazil).
  • Giurca A: Akteursnetzwerke Der FORSTbasierteN Bioökonomie:Lehren aus Deutschland und Finnland 2019 (15. Waldökonomisches Seminar «Bioökonomie» , Schloss Münchenwiler, Schweiz).
  • Müller W: Understanding the climatization of drought: a cross-sectoral frame analysis over time 2019 (15ths biennial Conference on Communication and Environment. Waterlines: Confluence and Hope through Environmental Communication. International Environmental Communication Association). (download: https://theieca.org/sites/default/files/COCE2019/COCE_2019_Programme_Book_v4.pdf)
  • Müller W: Understanding the climatization of drought: a cross-sectoral frame analysis over time. 2019 (4ths International Conference on Public Policy. International Public Policy Association). : https://www.ippapublicpolicy.org/conference/icpp4-montreal-2019/panel-list/10#topic70


  • Gobs S, Selter A: Establishment of Mountainbike Trails in the Municipal Forest of Freiburg i. Br. 2019 (Swiss Political Science Association (SPSA) Annual Conference & Dreiländertagung, Zürich, CH). (download: https://www.svpw-assp.ch/fileadmin/ablage/images/congress/2019_Zurich/Program_Dreilaendertagung_combined.pdf)
  • Seijger C, Stahl K, Kleinschmit D, Fünfgeld H, Schmidt-Vogt D, Bieling C, Zaag P van der: Dynamic water resources and policies in agriculture-forest frontiers: an analytical framework and application Geophysical Research Abstracts, 2019; 21 (EGU2019-456-1) (EGU General Assembly / Vienna / European Geosciences Union). (download: https://meetingorganizer.copernicus.org/EGU2019/EGU2019-456-1.pdf)


Sonstige Publikationen:

  • Selter A, Sonnhoff M, Kleinschmit D: Forstwirtschaftliche Zusammenschlüsse stärken. AFZ-DerWald 1/2019 2019; 1 (19) : 23-24.



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