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Statistical Consulting

General Information

The statistical consultation of scientific work is a service of the Institute for Medical Biometry and Statistics. It is offered to employees working at the Medical Center - University of Freiburg and in the preclinical institutes as well as to affiliated academic training hospitals and doctorate students from the medical faculty of the University of Freiburg. The possibility of consultation should be considered in the in the planning phase of a scientific work already because mistakes made during that phase often lead to non-significant results.

The scientists of the Institute of Medical Biometry and Statistics provide methodological-statistical support and advice with regard to planning, conduct, analysis and interpretation of a scientific work. The statistical analysis itself is usually not conducted by the responsible consultant. In order to provide an effective consultation, it is necessary that the examined question and the goal of the investigation are described in a precise way. This description has to be provided in the online application form. The responsible consultant will contact you to make an appointment for consultation.

Dr. Erika Graf (Studien)
Prof. Dr. Dieter Hauschke (statistische Beratung)


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