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Directors of the Institute


Prof. Dr. Rolf Mülhaupt 

Office Room 01.002

Secretary: Mrs. Carmen Hermann

Tel.: +49 (761) 203-6273

Fax: +49 (761) 203-6319

E-Mail: carmen.hermann@makro.uni-freiburg.de

Website: http://portal.uni-freiburg.de/muelhaupt


Prof. Dr. V. Prasad Shastri 

Office Room 01.005

Secretary: Mrs. Xueting Emma Chen

Tel.: +49 (761) 203-6271

Fax: +49 (761) 203-6306

E-Mail: emma.chen@makro.uni-freiburg.de

Website: http://www.shastrilab.com/




Professor for Functional Polymers


Prof. Dr. Andreas Walther

Office Room 00.014

Tel.: +49 (761) 203-96895

Fax: +49 (761) 203-6306

E-Mail: andreas.walther@makro.uni-freiburg.de

Secretary: Mrs. Xueting Emma Chen

E-Mail: secretary.walther@makro.uni-freiburg.de

Website: http://www.walther-group.com/



Prof. Dr. Eckhard Bartsch

Prof. Dr. Christian Friedrich


Former Groups

Prof. Dr. W. Burchard

Prof. Dr. H. - J. Cantow

Prof. Dr. H. Finkelmann

Prof. Dr. H. Frey (since 2002 at the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz)

Prof. Dr. W. Gronski

Prof. Dr. R. Haag  (since 2004 at the Free University of Berlin, Institute for Organic Chemistry)

Prof. Dr. J. Kreßler (since 1997 at the Martin Luther University of Halle-Wittenberg)

Prof. Dr. S. Ludwigs(since 2011 at the University of Stuttgart)

Prof. Dr. S. Mecking (since 2004 at the University of Constance, Chemistry Department)

Prof. Dr. W. Richtering (since 2000 at the RWTH of Aachen, Institute for Physical Chemistry)

Prof. Dr. K. Saalwächter (since 2005 at the University of Halle, Physics Department)

Prof. Dr. C. Schmidt (since 2001 at the University of Paderborn)

Prof. Dr. M. Sommer (since 2017 at the Technical University of Chemnitz)

Prof. Dr. H. A. Schneider

Prof. Dr. J. Tiller (since 2007 at the Techincal University of Dortmund, Department of Biochemical and Chemical Engineering)


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