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Posterpreis für Philipp Dabringhaus (AK Krossing)

Bei der 16. Koordinationschemietagung, (KCT2020), die dieses Jahr in Freiburg stattfand, hat Philipp Dabringhaus aus dem AK Krossing, einen der 5 begehrten Posterpreise von 105 ausgestellten und bewerteten Postern erhalten.

Philipp Dabringhaus, Ingo Krossing

 Soft Shell, Hard Core: Highly Lewis-acidic Alkaline-Earth_Arene-Complexes

Inspired by the synthesis of the first unsupported calcium and strontium arene complexes, recently reported in our group,[1] we developed a route towards highly pure alkaline earth metal ansa-arene complexes. With the ansa‑arene shielding on side of the metal center and generating an open coordination site next to two solvent molecules at the other side, these alkaline earth metal complexes represent promising, strong Lewis acids for small molecule activation and catalysis. To this end, the strontium complex could be used in a surprisingly controlled isobutylene polymerization producing polymers with narrow dispersities and high molar masses at elevated temperatues up to 0 °C.


[1] Marcel Schorpp, Ingo Krossing, Chem. Sci., 2020, 11, 2068.

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