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Wiebke Unkrig


Wiebke Unkrig neu

Room 329 (Chemie I; AC)

Telephone: +49 (0) 761 203-6157

e-Mail: wiebke.unkrig@ac.uni-freiburg.de


Keywords: Niobium and Tantalum carbonyl cations, weakly coordinating anions



Our objectives are the syntheses of Heptacarbonylcations of the 4d and 5d transition metals Niobium and Tantalum in the condensed phase, which could be proved by MS in the gas phase already. These Gas Phase Cations (GPCs) observed by Ricks et al.1,2 are promising molecules in the group of GPCs, as they follow the 18VE rule interrelated with a high postulated stability. To enable condensed phase access to GPC salts, Weakly Coordinating Anions (WCAs), such as the perfluoro-tert-butoxy aluminate [Al(ORF)4], inducing Pseudo Gas Phase Conditions are used.3

Our aim is to take inspiration from the wealth of experience from the GPCs known from advanced MS methods and harvest the application potential of stable GPC salts from mechanistic studies up to small molecule activation and catalysis. 


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