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Our Group in 2013

Gruppenbild 2013


 Our Group taken in june 2008 in front of the Institute of Inorganic Chemistry 


Backmost row(f.l.): Prof. Ingo Krossing, Dr. Gunther Steinfeld, Gerda Probst, Philipp Eiden, Tobias Köchner, Safak Bulut, Ulrich Preiss, Alexander Higelin, Anne Kraft, Nils Trapp, Dr. Harald Scherer, Dr. Carsten Knapp, Kristin Guttsche, Takuro Kato, Dr. Werner Deck

Front row(f.l.): Vera Brucksch, Fadime Bitgül, Petra Klose, Imke Meiners, Mara Bürchner, Julia Schaefer, Lucia Alvarez, Boumadhi Benkmil, Dr. Daniel Himmel, Sascha Goll

Not in appearance: Dr. Julia Klingele, Katrin Wagner, Maria-Isabel Sierra


Our group in march 2007 on the roof terrace of our institute

Picture of our group 2007


Our group in march 2006 - just arrived in Freiburg






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