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Open Positions

If you are interested in working in a group which covers exceedingly broad research topics and gives you the opportunity to learn state-of-the-art theoretical and synthetic methods, you should consider applying to us for a position.

We regularly offer positions for Bachelor & Master theses as well as for PhD students. While Bachelor students are always supervised by an experienced PhD candidate in order to provide the best possible teaching environment, Master and PhD students will be given the freedom to handle their research topic to a large extent on their own.

Also applications from highly skilled and dedicated postdoctoral candidates are most welcome. Please be aware, though, that in this case you would usually have to provide your funding by yourself. If you need help in finding a suitable fellowship program, the German Research Foundation (DFG) as well as a variety of other organizations offer numerous possibilities to finance a postdoctoral stay.


Why should you work in our group?

We give you the chance to work in a group embedded in a highly interdisciplinary network. Our collaboration partners include such diverse disciplines as physics, microsystems engineering, material science, pharmacy, medicine, and of course chemistry.

In many of our research projects, you will be able to work in the field between inorganic, organic, physical, macromolecular and even electrochemistry. Beside being trained in highly sophisticated synthetic methods, you will get to know a humongous number of analytical methods, for instance spectroscopic, crystallographic and surface characterization techniques (cf. our Equipment page). Furthermore, we have extensive experience in quantum-chemical calculations. Eventually, we want you to develop and pursue your very own ideas within your research topic. We encourage you to work self-dependent and to take on responsibility for the group.

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