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im/pure - 3

im/pure, Video Still 3, 21.1 x 37.5", Archival Inkjet Print, 2011.

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Water fragments and washes away the pristine reflection of a woman. What is revealed is her true inner self,
mourning the loss of innocence.


Im/pure shows the ambiguity of the transformative space of self-creation, where nothing is certain. A woman stands
in the water, looking at her reflection. At times the reflection shows what everyone else sees — a woman in a white dress,
symbolizing the ideal of the perfect, pure woman.

However, at times this looking pool reflects her inner-self, one that is marked by grief, shame and guilt, represented by
the black dress. In between, there are fragments of both selves represented as one identity morphs into another in a
continuous cycle.

The ephemeral quality of the image reflected in the water—the fact that the image could be destroyed by something as
small as a thrown pebble—illustrates the fluid and fragile nature of one’s identity, and that our sense of self is not as clear
and concrete as we might like it to be.


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