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Ravel - Attached

From the series Ravel. 83 x 38", Archival Inkjet Print, 2012.

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Ravel - Attached
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In the series Ravel, a woman seeks salvation on a journey with no clear destination. Unfulfilled hopes, dreams and
griefs weigh on her as she traverses a barren landscape in an effort to release.


The video and photo series Ravel uses a barren landscape as the setting for psychological release. A woman embarks
on a solitary journey with no clear destination. As she traverses the desert, her emotional baggage becomes visible in
the form of corked glass bottles tied to her back with thick twine. The bottles are empty, symbolizing that her baggage
is meaningful to her but imperceptible to others.

The tree is a reflection of the woman. It stands, but in a somewhat decrepit form, stripped down to its most basic form.
Hanging from the tree are the bottles, spinning in mid-air, unattainable and unreachable. They are a reminder of lost or
unfulfilled hopes and dreams. As something that has been unfulfilled, they are in between creation and completion.

Eventually the woman yanks the cords from her body, thus severing the ties to her past memories. In a meditative manner,
she uncorks each bottle, and though the bottles are empty, they shed drops of water, symbolizing the release of her grief.
Without the woman, the bottles have no meaning and disappear, leaving only their impression in the sand.

The large expanse of landscape and open air allows for a somewhat public confession and release of her problems. While
she is outside, there is no one around to confine, guide or witness her journey toward freedom. In this regard the outdoor
space of the desert symbolizes a liminal space between her mind and reality. She is walking, but it is unclear if she will actually
exit this subconscious space, or if she will keep journeying within it, looking for her way out.


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