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Vortragsreihe Emerging Regional Powers and South-South Interventions

Beginn der Vortragsreihe "Emerging Regional Powers and South-South Interventions" am 23.10.2018. Weitere Informationen finden Sie hier.

The world is increasingly interconnected in terms of security, international trade, and large energy infrastructures. This interconnectedness has given rise to a complex net of transregional connections that define much of our understanding of international politics today. Transregional arrangements entail different types of involvement of states, organisations, and institutions. They take on many forms and often include environmental, developmental, security, and governance interventions. Often, however, these transregional interventions have been framed as interventions by ‘Northern’ states who come to aid their ‘Southern’ partners, particularly in the fields of security and humanitarian assistance. Arguably, this frame is excessively narrow and outdated. In this lecture series, we switch the focus to South-South interventions and trace different forms of interventions (humanitarian, security, developmental) that takes place within and across Africa, Latin America, Asia, and the Middle East. The objective is to contribute to an emerging understanding of transregional studies that takes a more comprehensive and critical vantage point on aspects of power asymmetries, knowledge production in international cooperation, and the uneven development of political alliances between state and non-state actors.

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