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Multi-Level Governance



chair governance october 2017

From left to right:
Simone Ahrens, Stefan Lang, Anke Wiedemann, Ingo Henneberg, Anna Starkmann, Diana Panke, Julia Gurol, Philipp Wagenhals, Franziska Hohlstein, Leonardo Rey, Gurur Polat


NEW research project - funded by the  Friede Springer Stiftung
"Still Images – Moving People? How visual images trigger the willingness to participate in political protest"
Diana Panke (University of Freiburg), Stephanie Geise (Westfälische-Wilhelms-University of Münster) & Axel Heck (University of Kiel); abstract here.


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E-learning module on research design is now available online (beta version)

New publications:

  • Diana Panke (forthcoming 2018): Research Design and Method Selection: Making Good Choices in the Social Sciences. London: Sage.

  • Diana Panke, Sören Stapel (forthcoming): Overlapping Regionalism in Europe – Patterns and Effects. In: British Journal of Politics and International Relations.

  • Diana Panke, Stefan Lang, Anke Wiedemann (forthcoming): Regional Actors in Multilateral Negotiations. Active and Successful? ECPR Press.





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