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Below you'll find a list of courses taught by the Chair for International Relations (as of summer term 2020)

Winter Term 2020/2021


Sandra Destradi

Lecture: Einführung in die Internationale Politik 

Beginner Seminar: Emerging Powers in World Politics

MS: Populismus und Außenpolitik



Angela Geck


Introductory Seminar: Grundlagen der Internationalen Politik



Julia Gurol

Advanced Seminar: Authoritarianism on China's foreign policy: game-changer or business as usual?

Seminar: Einführung in die Politikwissenschaften


Rafael Castro:

Beginner Seminar: Political Discourse, Hegemony, and Global Politics


Summer Term 2020


Prof. Dr. Sandra Destradi

Lecture: Introduction into International Relations 

Advanced Seminar: Emerging Powers and Global Governance

Beginner Seminar: Außenpolitikanalyse 



Angela Geck, M.A.



Anna Fünfgeld, M.A.

Introductory Seminar: Grundlagen der Internationalen Politik (Gruppe 2 & 3) 


Eric Schüler

Beginner Seminar: Europe United? – Germany and its EU Council Presidency in 2020 



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