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"Populism and Foreign Policy" (funded by: DFG)

What are the international implications of the rise of populist governments all over the world? Prominent recent episodes – from U.S. President Trump’s retreat from the Iran nuclear deal to Brexit – suggest that populists, once they get elected and form governments, overthrow existing commitments to multilateralism and global governance and pursue more aggressive policies than their non-populist predecessors. Further Information
Moreover, "Populism and Foreign Policy" has its own twitter account: @Populism_IR


"Global autocratic collaboration in times of COVID-19" (VW-foundation)

While democratic backlash and a resurgence of autocracies have been identified by scholars since the 2000s, empirical evidence grows that the COVID-19 pandemic facilitates autocratization trends. Expanding executive power at the expense of legislative/judicial branches for the sake of handling COVID-19, constitutes a window of opportunity for political leaders to foster authoritarian structures. This trend is visible across the globe – regardless of whether the respective regimes are autocratic (e.g. Arab region), hybrid (e.g. Latin America) or democratic (e.g. Europe). Further Information

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