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Inspiring Climate Talks 12. April 2018

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Inspiring Climate Talks
Polycentric Climate Governance after Paris:

Expectations, Challenges and Pathways


12. April 2018, 17Uhr
Hörsaal Anatomie (Albertstr. 19, Institutsviertel, Freiburg)


Eintritt frei!


Do you know what polycentric climate governance means?


Latest since the historical signature of the Paris Agreement, the international community has entered a new era of climate cooperation. Rather than asking governments to solve everything, all sorts of public and private actors actively engage in global climate action. Examples are innovative business or finance models, implementing standards and certification, or NGO activism. Academically, such co-operation of state and non-state actors is not a new phenomenon. However, its impacts have not been sufficiently investigated to allow for a complete picture about their potentials, as well as about risks and limitations. At this public event, local and renowned international climate governance scholars will discuss with the audience whether and how such polycentric settings may actually contribute to effective climate policies.


The event aims to build on innovative formats, such as Inspiring Climate Talks and a short performance by the Freiburg Scientific Theater, which are both informative and entertaining ways of spreading knowledge, ideas and to provoke thoughts and discussions.

If you are an interested citizen, student, scholar or committed actor from the region:

Please join our discussions on climate governance and have fun!


Program outline (17:00-19:30):

  • Welcome
  • Keynote (Andy Jordan, UEA, Norwich, UK)
  • Inspiring Climate Talks: Frank Biermann (Utrecht, NL), Philipp Pattberg (Amsterdam, NL), Sabine Reinecke (Freiburg, D) featuring: Freiburg Scientific Theater
  •  Announcement of the winners of the Photo competition “Prima Klima in Freiburg”


Participants will have the chance to discuss directly with the speakers during and after the event


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