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  • Eitel, A., Bender, L., & Renkl, A. (2019). Are seductive details seductive only when you think they are relevant? An experimental test of the moderating role of perceived relevance. Applied Cognitive Psychology,33, 20-30.
  • Endres, T., Weyrether, S., Renkl, A., & Eitel, A.(2020). When and why does emotional design foster leanring? Evidence fo situational interest as a mediator of sustained learning. Journal of Computer-Assisted Leanring, 36, 514-525. 
  • Eitel, A.Endres, T., Renkl, A. (in press). Self-management as a bridge between cognitive load and self-regulated leanring. Educational Psychology Review. 
  • Hoogerheide, V., Renkl, A., Fiorella, L., Paas, F., & van Gog, T. (2019). Enhancing example-based learning: Teaching on video increases arousal and improves problem-solving performance. Journal of Educational Psychology, 111, 45-56.
  • Lachner, A., Backfisch, I., Hoogerheide, V., van Gog, T., & Renkl, A. (2020). Timing matters! Explaining between study phases enhances students' learning. Journal of Educational Psychology, 112, 841-853.  
  • Nückles, M, Roelle, J, Glogger-Frey, I., Waldeyer, J., & Renkl, A. (in press). The self-regulation view in writing-to-learn. Using journal writing to optimize cognitive load in self-regulated learning. Educational Psychology Review
  • Renkl, A. & Eitel, A. (2019). Self-explaining: Learning about principles and their application. In J. Dunlosky & K. Rawson (Eds.), Cambridge handbook and cognition and education (pp. 528-549). New York, NY: Cambridge University Press.
  • Roelle, J., & Renkl, A. (2020). Does an option to review instructional explanations enhance example-based learning? It depends on learners' academic self-concept. Journal Educational Psychology, 112, 131-147.  
  • Schalk, L., Roelle, J., Berthold, K., Stern. E., & Renkl., A. (in press). Providing worked examples for learning multiple principles. Applied Cognitive Psychology.
  • Zeeb, H., Biwer, F., Brunner, G., Leuders, T., & Renkl, A. (2019). Make it relevant! How prior instructions foster the integration of teacher knowledge. Instructional Science, 47, 711-739.


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