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FRAGL 8: Repräsentation von Geschlechterrollen in female Rap-Battles

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Langisch, Lisa



In the following article I discuss the representation of gender identities in female rap battles. With the characteristical speech activities of dissing and boasting rap battles can be categorized as a form of verbal duelling - an artful exchange of nonserious insults between two or more participants in front of an audience. The analysis focuses on how the female artists portray themselves and their opponents as a specific type of women in their performances. How do they express a specific female identity? In which respects do they free themselves from stereotypical gender roles, in which do they reproduce traditional gender hierarchies? Even though the highly vulgar and derogatory insults are not to be taken literally, they do deliver an insight into the beliefs and orientations (e.g. regarding gender roles and identities) of the performing artists. The analysis shows that the female artists reproduce stereotypical ideas of masculinity and femininity. In their aim to gain acceptance in the male-dominated field of hip hop and to outdo and belittle their opponents, they in fact discriminate each other and encourage sexist gender stereotypes. Instead of presenting themselves as equal and self-determined (female) subjects (what they aim for) they reproduce pornographic gender hierarchies and portray each other as servile (sex) objects – whose purpose is to satisfy men’s sexual desires.    


HipHop, Rap-Battles, Rapperinnen, Dissen, Geschlechterrollen, Performativität, Repräsen-tation (stereotyper) Geschlechterrollen, Performanz/Inszenierung geschlechtlicher Identitäten


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