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FRAGL 19: Geschlechtsspezifische Merkmale bei Verabschiedungen am Telefon?

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Wiest, Pia




The following paper deals with the question whether women and men differ in their ways of saying goodbye to friends on the telephone. The final sequence of a conversation is extremely relevant for the social relationship of the speakers. Therefore this part of a conversation is shaped by a high degree of cooperation to maintain the friendship.
The study is based on 44 conversations between close friends of the same sex, who know each other for at least two years but overall longer. The pairs of speakers are of nearly the same age and comparable socio-economic status. The conversations happened naturally in their usual environment and were recorded by the speakers themselves. Based on these data this study examines potential differences during the last sequences of their conversations. In the course of my paper I will concentrate on six characteristics that potentially differentiate women´s and men´s typical ways of leave-taking. However, my results show that there are hardly any gender differences in the closing sequence on the telephone.

Konversationsanalyse, Gender, Gesprächsbeendigung, Korpusanalyse, spontan produzierte Alltagssprache, Telefongespräche.


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