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 - April 2018 -



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News Item 02-2015
Our recent publication on titanium(III)-catalyzed reductive couplings in presence of a "metal-free" reductant has just been published in Chemistry — A European Journal. With a reducing agent that was originally developed by the Mashima group, reductive umpolung reactions such as the pinacol coupling can now be carried out under homogeneous conditions and without the formation of metal-salts as byproducts.
News Item 12-2014
Our manuscript dealing with the synthesis of bridged ring-systems by a sequence of two titanium catalyzed processes was accepted for publication in Chemistry — A European Journal.
News Item 09-2014
Our account on titanium(III)-catalyzed umpolung reactions has been published in The Chemical Record
News Item 07-2014
Our publication on titanium-catalyzed acyloin-type cross-coupling reactions was highlighted in SYNFACTS.
News Item 02-2014
Our most recent publication about a novel bromination reagent for organic synthesis just appeared in Synthesis. This work was a cooperation with the Riedel group (Inorganic Department, Freiburg)
News Item 10-2013
Our most recent publication on the intermolecular reductive coupling of ketones or imines with nitriles just appeared online in Chem. Commun. The reaction described within is a titanium(III)-catalyzed intermolecular acyloin-type cross-coupling.
News Item 08-2013
The Organic Chemistry Portal (www.organic-chemistry.org) just highlighted our enantioselective ketonitrile cyclization: http://www.organic-chemistry.org/Highlights/2013/19August.shtm
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