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 - April 2018 -



 Latest News

News Item 05-2012
An article containing results from Jan's PhD-thesis just appeared in Chemical Science.
News Item 02-2012
Plamen Bichovski has joined our group as a PhD student. He previously carried out his diploma thesis in the group of Prof. W. Bannwarth here in Freiburg. Jan received one of the 2012 Thieme Chemistry Journal Awards and a part of his work carried out during his PhD with Kilian Muñiz was published in JOC.
News Item 08-2011
Markus Feurer has joined our group as a PhD student. He obtained his diploma degree from Heidelberg University and was awarded a PhD-fellowship of the Fonds der Chemischen Industrie.
News Item 04-2011
The group's first publication entitled "A Titanium(III)-Catalyzed Redox Umpolung Reaction for the Reductive Cross-Coupling of Enones with Acrylonitriles" was just published in Chemistry – A European Journal.
News Item 04-2011
A communication about bifunctional N-H activation just appeared in Chem. Commun. This work was carried out under the guidance of Kilian Muñiz.
News Item 09-2010
A part of my postdoc-work at Brian's lab (Caltech) was just published in Tetrahedron Letters. An improved protocol for the rapid synthesis of electrondefitient PHOX-ligands is described.
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