Transinterpret in brief

strichm_family.gifEvery part of our world has a distinct local character and individual sense of place. Transinterpret enables visitors to experience this sense of place, bringing to life sites of natural and cultural significance across rural areas of Europe. Transinterpret aims to help its partners to develop and implement good heritage interpretation.

Several rural territories are now co-operating within the European Community Initiative LEADER+ to bring their natural and historical sites alive. Transinterpret is designed to provide useful recommendations for heritage interpretation and related subjects, as well as a forum for discussion for its partners. Our main objective is to develop international standards and quality management for heritage interpretation. Specifically, Transinterpret seeks to:

  • support the development of facilities that stimulate and inspire visitors and leave them feeling attached to a place, 
  • meet the requirements for ecological, economic and social sustainability,
  • generate appreciation of the natural and cultural environment amongst local communities and further local knowledge of place, 
  • develop a concept for marketing regional products.

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