Beinberg Forest Village Trail

Type of project Self-guided interpretive trail, events 
Administrative District Lörrach
Local communities Schopfheim-Gersbach
Contact Ralf Ühlin
Phone +49 (0)7620-227






Project description

Gersbach is a small community within the administrative district of Schopfheim. Its boundaries contain unique historic remains and artefacts which date back to the 17th and 18th centuries, respectively. The Baroque entrenchments and defences were used to ward off attacks by French troops, and together with historic remains of traditional Black Forest crafts and early extractive industries, will form the centrepiece of a series of interpretive trails. Provisionally themed “Life between farms and ramparts, ploughs and entrenchments”, these trails will highlight the lives of ordinary people during the Baroque and the subsequent period. The main objective of the trails is to counter the popular myth of “Baroque period = castles and splendour”. Life was anything but splendid for the great majority of the population, so that this popular image of the Baroque actually represents a distorted image of the period.


The project will address active holiday makers, families and children, as well as schools and youth groups. Interpretive provisions will focus on the above topics and include events and educational and interpretive materials.


Transinterpret has accompanied the project since its first stages of planning. Specifically, it has contributed to the overall concept, the establishment of a visitor profile, designing routes and contacting expert institutions prior to applying for funding.

Current state of the project

Following early Transinterpret involvement prior to the application for funding, the project has now been approved.





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