LEADER area Northern Black Forest

The Northern Black Forest LEADER area is one of the most densely forested regions of Germany. To the west, it is characterised by mountains reaching up to 1000 m, whilst the eastern landscape resembles a high plateau. Deep valleys run through the entire Northern Black Forest area.

Several villages have long been dedicated to health tourism and continue to service these special clients today. Changes in the German health care system however have forced many to refocus. Holiday-makers primarily enjoy hill walking, but sometimes also visit the region on account of the excellent gastronomy. Many day trippers come to the Northern Black Forest from the nearby conurbations of Karlsruhe and Stuttgart.

Transferring know-how to the Northern Black Forest through Transinterpret

The Northern Black Forest can benefit from the experiences gained in heritage interpretation during the LEADER II phase in the Southern Black Forest. Interpretive paths and discovery trails, museums and exhibitions truly geared to the interests of visitors act like business cards: Tourists and day trippers excited by the presentation of natural and historic features often return for a second visit, and also spread their appreciation of the region by word of mouth.

In the Northern Black Forest, the following projects benefit from Transinterpret:

Perspectives for the Forest Region - Tourism Master Plan

Design Handbook Northern Black Forest - corporate design for interpretive panels

Stöckerkopf Mountain Hut, Baiersbronn - exhibition

Bad Herrenalb tyle museum - museum and permanent exhibition

Zavelstein crocus trail – interpretive trail

Sprollenhaus Historic Trail – interpretive trail

Beinberg forest village trail – interpretive trail

MELAP - Reactivation of open spaces within communities

A quality offensive for the 'Western Trail' - - long distance walking trail

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