Perspectives for the Forest Region

Type of project Tourism Master Plan
Administrative District Calw
Local communities Enzklösterle, Bad Wildbad, Dobel, Bad Herrenalb
Contact Mayor Klaus Mack
Phone +49 (0)7085-92 33 0


Project description

The area between Enzklösterle, Bad Wildbad, Dobel und Bad Herrenalb is a continuous woodland, with tourism representing the economic mainstay in all four local communities. Against the background of changing health tourism, the forest is set to become a new focal point for the tourist experience. Lead by two tourism consultancies, the four communities will develop joint and mutually supportive project ideas.

Transinterpret came on board quite late. Post-assessment of a discussion on target groups gave valuable new insights on how these discussions could become more effective in future. Results contributed to shaping the Transinterpret target group profile and have already been applied and further developed in the context of other projects.

Current state of the project

The Master Plan has been completed. Financing still needs to be agreed for implementing selected measures.




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