A quality offensive for the 'Western Trail'

Type of project Long-distance walking trail
Administrative District Freudenstadt, Rastatt, Calw
Local communities
Contact Hans-Georg Sievers
Phone +49 (0)761-380 53 17
E-Mail wege@schwarzwaldverein.de


Project description

The Western Trail is a well-established long-distance walking trail, crossing the entire Black Forest from Pforzheim in the North to Basel in the South. During recent decades, the trail has lost some of its attraction due to construction and the introduction of new farming roads. The project aims to regenerate the sections in the Northern and Southern Black Forest LEADER areas, acting as a model for other sections.

The trail will be re-routed along paths more suited to walking, whilst also giving the best possible impression of natural and landscape beauty. Transinterpret supported the project team in assessing the potential of individual sites for heritage interpretation, providing additional impulses for choosing particular routes over others. Possibilities also emerged for turning the Western Trail into a model for high quality walking experiences. A holistic walking experience not only includes good trail surfaces, for instance, but also attractive landscapes and appealing background information on the natural and cultural treasures encountered en route.

Current state of the project

Route selection is complete and a catalogue of measures has been drafted. During the subsequent implementation phase communities will be able to present their special features along the trail, using the Transinterpret experiences as extensively as possible.



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