Design Handbook

Type of project Design handbook for interpretive panels
Administrative District Rastatt, Freudenstadt, Calw
Local communities - (entire LEADER-area)
Contact Dajana Grzesik
Phone +49 (0)7051-160 203

Project description

Getaltungshandbuch NordschwarzwaldThe design handbook for interpretive panels in the Northern Black Forest has several objectives. Firstly, corporate panel design supports local identification with the region. Secondly, visitors encounter a set line of design which they soon learn to recognise. And thirdly, local project teams and graphic designers can make use of a ready-made layout, saving time on development and avoiding costly mistakes.

The Baden-Württemberg Transinterpret Advisory Centre explained the Transinterpret recommendations and standards to the graphic designers during a meeting on site. The first draft of the handbook took up many of the Transinterpret suggestions, so that its layout now closely conforms to the Transinterpret recommendations.

Current state of the project

The design handbook was published in spring 2005 and can be obtained from the LEADER office.



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