Development concept to reduce the use of open countryside

Type of project Strategic development plan
Administrative District Rastatt
Local communities Gernsbach, Weisenbach, Forbach
Contact Claus Haberecht
Phone +49-(0)7222-381 4301


Project description

The strategic development concept is a LEADER+ lead project run by the communities of Gernsbach, Weisenbach and Forbach. Its aim is to reduce the use of open countryside by making use of available space within the communities, in order to better preserve the Murg valley as a valuable landscape for recreation, living and working. Existing spaces within the communities were surveyed and their utilisation improved, working also to counteract tendencies of local inhabitants to leave the area.

The publicity surrounding this model project is directed at planners as well as local residents. Although not a typical interpretive project, Transinterpret input was useful during the conceptualisation and writing stages of the local information leaflet.

Current state of the project

The model project was completed in 2004.



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