Sprollenhaus Historic Trail

Type of project Interpretive trail
Administrative District Calw
Local communities Bad Wildbad - Sprollenhaus
Contact Stephan Günthner
Phone +49 (0)7085-7518
E-Mail  stephan.guenthner@cw-net.de

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Project description 

The small village of Sprollenhaus is situated in a remote Black Forest valley near the sources of the river Enz. The river strongly influences the history of the village, as does the former border between Württemberg and Baden. The interpretive trail will lead to historically significant buildings and highlight places in the forest where traces of pre-industrial life can still be found.

Once the project was approved, a first meeting took place in December 2005 between Transinterpret and the project leader. On-site assessments had to wait for the snow to clear, but eventually lead to better routing so that gastronomers can benefit more from the trail.

Close to Sprollenhaus, a visitor centre is being developed on Kaltenbronn mountain, which will include a permanent exhibition and a new nature trail. As suggested by Transinterpret, the three projects will be designed in such a way that they complement one another.

Current state of the project

The trail was opened in autumn 2006.




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