Zavelstein Crocus Trail

Type of project Interpretive trail
Administrative District Calw
Local communities Bad Teinach-Zavelstein
Contact Karl Lechler
Phone 07053/9292-25







Project description

With millions of purple blossoms carpeting the fields, the flowering crocuses at Zavelstein are a unique experience. None of the crocuses have been planted, as might be the case in a park. Since the flowering period is restricted to two or three weeks, the town of Bad Teinach-Zavelstein has decided to tell its visitors about the crocuses along an interpretive trail. Specially designed viewing boxes feature four back-lit photographs of flowering crocuses, respectively, whilst interpretive panels give added background information on the Zavelstein crocuses.

When Transinterpret first became involved, it became apparent that interesting crocus stories are difficult to find. Initial research on the origins of the Zavelstein crocuses yielded contradictory information, so that a leading international expert on crocuses had to be contacted. This confirmed Transinterpret’s suspicion that additional scientific research is urgently needed on the Zavelstein crocuses. One benefit of this research, however, was to open up a whole new series of starting points for interesting stories. Working on the texts, contents were restructured in such a way that small stories are now being told on each panel.

Some Zavelstein gastronomers are planning to take on board another Transinterpret idea. The Greek partner region of Kozani and the Wallis mountain village of Mund use crocus blossoms to make saffron. In future, crocus lovers at Zavelstein will be able to enjoy specialities incorporating saffron, whilst also receiving hands-on experience of practical European co-operation.

Current state of the project

The project is now completed. The crocus trail was opened in March 2006 during the flowering season.




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