Stöckerkopf Mountain Hut

Type of project Exhibition
Administrative District Freudenstadt
Local communities Baiersbronn
Contact Janine Best
Phone +49 (0)7442-1800 80






Project description

On Stöckerkopf mountain, above the town of Baiersbronn, a new mountain hut and restaurant has been established to cater for mountain walkers and ramblers. The entrance of this block house contains a small exhibition where eight panels guide visitors through the past. A Baiersbronn town scrivener who lived 150 years ago serves as a virtual guide. He tells of the ever-changing relationship between the local people and the forest, of riches and suffering, and of course the arrival of modern times in the remote forest community.

Transinterpret first became involved in this project when topics were selected. Topics had to be of potential interest to visitors and also have some bearing on the site of the hut. A next step then structured the available material and turned it into a coherent story. Finally, existing texts had to be re-drafted in order to conform to the storyline and to make sure they were easy and interesting to read.

Current state of the project

The Glasmännle hut was opened in April 2006. A quality check will be carried out in summer 2006.



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