Forgers and tinkerer in the upper Bregtal

Type of project
Self-leading Interpretation Network
 Administrative District Schwarzwald-Baar-Kreis
 Local communities Vöhrenbach, Furtwangen,  Ortsteil Neukirch
 Contact Vöhrenbach: Hans Wolfer
 Phone +49 (0)7727-7005
 Contact Furtwangen: Dr. Ludger Beckmann
 Phone +49 (0)7723-939 203
 Contact Neukirch: Rainer Jung
 Phone +49 (0)7723-912192







The upper Bregtal is distinguished by forgers and tinkerer: In Neukirch and Furtwangen one can find the origin of the Black forest clockmakertrade. The nearby Vöhrenbach has its heyday when Orchestrions were exported in the metropoles of the 19th century from there.


Two different tours through the town should suggest both visitors and locals the history of Vöhrenbach and Furtwangen. And old gaugehouse in Vöhrenbach should be renovate for accommodate a small exhibition. In the Furtwangen district Neukirch thematically discoverypaths are planned.


The basic layout, the marketing strategy and the interactive website will be arranged by the three villages together.


Against the background of the Transinterpret advance consultation a potential analysis and a field recording have been carried out. A rough concept of the contents envisions that the single offers complement each other. An estimation of the costs for the fine concept and the implementation builds the basis for a further application.

Current state of the project:

The fine concept and the implementation of the project can not be financed until the advancement period from 2007 to 2013.



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