Making quality visible

z_bittesehr_w.jpgOver the past years many new trails or exhibitions have been opened to the public. But who hasn’t experienced an interpretive trail or exhibition that has left you bored? Transinterpret offers assistance to local initiatives. Local projects which are developed using Transinterpret checklists attempt to meet visitor needs at every stage of the process. But how can you recognize such initiatives?

Transinterpret Quality Label

The registered Transinterpret Quality Label is only awarded to those initiatives that meet the Transinterpret quality standards. It therefore acts as a recommendation for interpretive provisions particularly worth a visit. 

How can you find such interpretive sites?

Local interpretive provisions that have received the Transinterpret Quality Label are presented on this website ( Tips for trips). Whether you have already experienced a recommended site or are just starting out to explore, the internet will provide you with relevant details. 

Local projects with the Transinterpret Quality label also benefit from joint marketing campaigns. 



by Elke Schliermann-Kraus last modified 20.09.2008 12:43