Making a complex network work

Transinterpret is a transnational partnership. It co-ordinates a number of projects in several countries, cutting across different languages and cultures.

Local projects

Local projects are at the heart of Transinterpret. Individual interpretive projects receive tailor-made recommendations during their planning and/or implementation stages and put this knowledge into practice. Systematic evaluation will then show how successful the project became. Experiences gained in local projects are fed back into Transinterpret, where they are further refined and assessed depending on the special character of the originating project.

LEADER+ Action Groups (and other project partners)

LEADER+ authorities are designated centres of support for rural areas. In most cases they are the first point of contact.

Transinterpret Regional Advisory Centres

The Transinterpret Regional Advisory Centres provide technical support for local initiatives. Staffed with people from the respective countries, their main task is to develop concepts for systematic project evaluation. Another task is to select projects for quality awards. Innovative ideas and knowledge gained locally are communicated to the virtual centre of expertise and other Regional Advisory Centres.

Virtual centre

The virtual centre can be described as the headquarters of Transinterpret. The real staff of the virtual centre (at the University of Freiburg) is coordinating the cooperation between several Transinterpret Regional Advisory Centres. The staff is also responsible for scientific support.

For Information on the "who is who" see Transinterpret partners and their projects




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