The principal idea of Transinterpret

niveau.jpg "You must learn from the mistakes of others. You can't possibly live long enough to make them all yourself."

(Sam Levenson)

Learning from mistakes …

Avoid repeating the mistakes of others: This simple thought describes the principal idea of Transinterpret. Who hasn’t experienced an interpretive trail or panel that has left you cold and bored? Transinterpret offers assistance to local initiatives so that mistakes can be avoided.

…developing quality…

Quality in heritage interpretation means that visitor expectations are met. Just as importantly however, it means that local initiatives are successful in the delivery of promises and responsibilities. Transinterpret is designed to provide useful recommendations to local initiatives, helping them to implement best practice in interpreting natural and cultural heritage sites through interpretive trails, folk museums or guided tours. Recommendations are based on relevant literature, expert knowledge and practical experience and are constantly updated. International recommendations and quality standards are brought together in a joint database.

…making progress

One of our main objectives is to understand the perception, experience and knowledge of the visiting public. Progress means tailoring interpretation to different audiences, making sure interpretive projects are sensitive to differences such as culture, age and gender. Systematic evaluation ensures that key factors of success are identified. Results are fed back into Transinterpret, where they are used to optimise recommendations in the database.




by Elke Schliermann-Kraus last modified 26.02.2008 02:33