Who can participate?


Who could be interested in Transinterpret?

nachdenklich.jpg Every heritage facility, whether museum, historic site or village trail project, can co-operate with Transinterpret – as long as an interpretive plan forms the basis for their planned activities. Transinterpret addresses professionals and volunteers alike. Whether environmental trainers, forest rangers or volunteers in nature centres: Anyone interested in implementing a new interpretive project or improving an existing offering can benefit from the Transinterpret approach…

...and who is eligible for the Transinterpret Service?

There is one condition: Your project needs to be located in one of our LEADER+ partner regions. Developing Transinterpret is based on a partnership, where only partners receive full access and benefit of Transinterpret services. To become a partner, you should be ready to make a valuable contribution to the overall project. You should also be able to pay towards the overall development costs.

So far, the partners comprise LEADER+ areas districts from Baden-Württemberg, Italy and Grece, as well as a REGIO+ partner in Switzerland. For further details see Transinterpret Partners and their projects.



by Elke Schliermann-Kraus last modified 26.02.2008 02:03