Who supports Transinterpret?


The European Union


Transinterpret is supported by the European Communitity Initiative LEADER+

LEADER supports structurally weak, however beautiful, rural areas. The precondition: local stakeholders from agencies and associations must collaborate in order to develop a common regional developentment strategy suitable for their rural area. Thus the EU encourages a bottom-up apporach taking into account the natural, cultural and economic diversity of rural Europe.

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The fedaral support programme RegioPlus has the same agenda as LEADER. RegioPlus enables the Swiss partners taking part in Transinterpret. The canton Wallis contibutes to the  national match funding.

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The state of Baden-Württemberg


The Ministry for Nutrition and Rural Space in Baden-Württemberg gives grants to the Partner areas from Baden-Württemberg. In addition the state's LEADER+ co-ordinating agency at the LEL supported Transinterpret with valuable advice.




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