Project development

strichm_projbeglber7.jpgExperts often form part of a project team and can contribute much knowledge on specific topics. Experts are often essential in background research and collecting material.

In addition, other experts are needed with the necessary know-how in how to present such knowledge to visitors. In reality though, it is often these communication experts that are missing in a project team. Even where museums staff, advertising experts or journalists are involved, they often lack the necessary time to truly understand the interpretive approach and to fine-tune texts. In such cases, a division of labour might be useful:

  • Experts and specialists carry out the required research and collect material.
  • Working with the experts, the Transinterpret advisory centre structures the contents and presents them in a visitor-friendly way using text and images.
  • If necessary, project management and any briefing of other external service providers can also be delegated to the advisory centre. 

Some interpretive service providers prefer Transinterpret to manage the entire process from the initial conceptualisation to implementation, in order to receive a well-rounded package which meets Transinterpret quality standards.

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by Kira Gee last modified 23.09.2008 10:40