Contact your regional advisory centre

Are you planning visitor-oriented services in line with the principles of heritage interpretation? Contact your regional Transinterpret advisory centre.

strichm_projektbearb2.jpgDifferent partners involved in establishing the Transinterpret network have created regional advisory centres. They provide practical advice on visitor-oriented services to administrations, organisations and private project teams, in accordance with the principles of heritage interpretation.

Through regular exchanges of experience within the Transinterpret network and training provided by Transinterpret international, centres continuously expand their knowledge base. Access to the international Transinterpret database allows them to base their work on the most up-to-date recommendations and international state of the art. Regional centres are also responsible for awarding the Transinterpret Quality Label.

Points of contact:

If you do not yet have access to a regional advisory centre, please contact Transinterpret international.

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